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New publications

Could an alcohol-abstinence focus through childhood and adolescence reduce alcohol-related harm?

Aimee Jeffreys, Bosco Rowland, John Toumbourou
DrugInfo Clearinghouse, February 2005
This 13th Prevention Research Evaluation Report for the DrugInfo Clearinghouse examines the scientific evidence for the impacts of alcohol use on children and adolescents. The specific question explored in this report is whether there may be benefits if current harm-minimisation policies were supplemented with a greater emphasis on alcohol abstinence for children and adolescents. The effectiveness of preventative strategies that have been based on an abstinence focus for children and early adolescents is examined, and their compatibility with current policy approaches is discussed.

Key Learning Areas

Health and Physical Education
Studies of Society and Environment

Subject Headings


Quality Teaching in a Culture of Coaching

Stephen G. Barkley
The coaching and mentoring of teachers has increasingly gained currency in approaches to teacher professional development. This publication considers the benefits this kind of professional development, and assists schools in developing effective coaching and mentoring programs for their staff.

Subject Headings

Professional development
Teacher training

Creating Great Schools: Six Critical Systems at the Heart of Educational Innovation

Phillip C. Schlechty
John Wiley and Sons, February 2005
Schlechty puts a case to school leaders on how to bring about cultural change in their schools, and how to put them on a path to continuous improvement. The resource shows school leaders how to recognise, understand and change a school's norms, which are reflected in the 'six critical systems' in schools, namely, the recruitment and induction system, knowledge transmission system, power and authority system, evaluation system, directional system and the boundaries system.

Subject Headings

School culture

Principals Under Pressure

Alexander W. Wiseman
This publication, based on empirical research, examines the managerial role of school principals, and asserts that effective school leadership is actually performed by principals who are 'invisible' - those who are able to empower members of their teams to be effective and capable in their designated roles.

Subject Headings

School principals
School leadership

Teacher Education for Democracy and Social Justice

David Lee Keiser, Nicholas M. Michelli
RoutledgeFalmer, March 2005

Concerned with the growth in importance of high-stakes testing, and the impact this has had on curriculum and pedagogy in the United States, this resource ponders the consequences of that form of assessment for an education that seeks to instill in students a disposition towards social justice and democratic participation. It asserts that there is fundamental need to equip students with the knowledge and values which lead to greater cross-cultural understanding and a better awareness of international issues, and demonstrates how this can be fostered in teacher education and schools.


Subject Headings

Teacher training
Values education
Social justice