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New publications

Violence in Schools: Issues, Consequence and Expressions

Kathy Sexton-Radek
This resource is a collection of essays which addresses the problem of violence in schools. It looks at the many manifestations and consequences of violence in schools, and contains strategies for its prevention.

Subject Headings

Behaviour management

Education at a Glance: OECD Indicators 2004

OECD, September 2004
Education at a Glance contains statistical information on the performance of international education systems. The indicators in the publication are based on internationally accepted criteria, and they describe educational outcomes across countries. Educational outcomes are also gauged against other factors, such as the rate of investment in education in a particular country, and the level of equity in educational outcomes within a particular country.      

Subject Headings

Educational evaluation
Education research
International education

Action Research for Inclusive Education: Changing Places, Changing Practices, Changing Minds

Felicity Armstrong, Michele Moore
RoutledgeFalmer, February 2004

Teachers, informed by the precepts of equality and democracy, are able to make their learning environments more inclusive by enabling those who are marginalised to participate fully in their education. This resource demonstrates to teachers how they can help their school communities realise the principles of social justice through action research, by highlighting the work of practitioners who have challenged exclusionary behaviour and processes. It includes initiatives which addressed homophobia, the plight of asylum seekers, and students with learning and behavioural difficulties. 


Subject Headings

Multicultural education
Special education
Social justice
Education philosophy

Learning to Teach in an Age of Accountability

Arthur T. Costigan, Margaret Smith Crocco, Karen Zumwalt Kepler
Teachers and education leaders work in an environment where, increasingly, they are accountable for their performance and their students' achievement. League tables and standardised testing are just two obvious and public examples of the scrutiny which educators have to endure. Learning to Teach in an Age of Accountability examines the experience of beginning teachers as they grapple with the accountability measures and processes in the new educational environment, and gauges the effects of these on teaching practices.    

Subject Headings

Teacher training

Teaching English in Middle and Secondary Schools

Rhoda Maxwell, Mary Meiser
Pearson Education, May 2004
Based on contructivist and reflective approaches to teaching, this publication defines the purposes and aims of teaching 'English language arts', and inducts beginning English teachers into the expectations of the classroom and discipline. It contains chapters on curriculum planning; oral language; compostion; teaching literature; and grammar. 

Key Learning Areas


Subject Headings

English language teaching

Risk, Education and Culture: Monitoring Change in Education

Paul Oliver, Andrew Hope
Ashgate Publishing, December 2004
This publication applies the discourse of risk to education, and educational environments and institutions. It works from the premise that societies are generally more conscious of risk and risk mangement, but that there has been little research on the meaning of risk in educational communities, its sources and its containment. Among the issues addressed in this resource are Internet use, drug education, and the relationship between education and law and order.      

Subject Headings

School culture
Duty of care
Drug education
Crisis management