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New publications

Teaching in Troubled Times

Kathy Paterson

This book begins with an appeal to teachers to remain positive in spite of what’s happening outside the classroom and provides ideas to build confidence in addressing students’ troubles. It offers insights into dealing with various challenges including children’s worries about the world, the parental tendency to overprotect and teachers’ need to ‘recharge’ in the midst of a stressful day. The book suggests simple ways of guiding honest and responsive discussion, as well as activities that encourage students to disengage from their fears. It addresses children’s exposure to violence and stereotypes, especially through the media. It shows teachers how to explore major issues in the lives of their students in a healthy, positive way, and how to encourage stronger, more aware, independent and successful learners. Available from the distributor Educational Services Australia. The full copy of the book can be viewed online.


Subject Headings

Environmental Education
Educational planning

Freedom of Religion and Belief in 21st Century Australia

Athalia Zwartz, Hass Dellal, Desmond Cahill, Gary Bouma
HREOC, March 2011

This report researched and documents the general issues and concerns of religious and non-religious communities in Australia, principally based on direct consultation with the Australian people. The focus of this research was views expressed about issues relating to freedom of religion and belief in Australian society. The research included consultation with Australian faith and community leaders; consultation with government officials and NGO representatives; consultation with the Australian public via a national call for submissions; and a series of commissioned papers related to faith and society. Adapted from the report which is available online. Also see media release.


Subject Headings

Social life and customs
Human rights

Curriculum Over 30 years: What Have We Achieved?

ACSA,  2010

Curriculum perspectives is nationally and internationally recognised as one of the key journals covering curriculum issues. This collection includes 30 of the papers published in the journal. They address some of the most persistent issues surrounding curriculum in Australia. Adapted from the publisher’s description.


Subject Headings

Curriculum planning
Curriculum studies

ICT in the Teaching of Science and Mathematics in Year 8 in Australia: Report from the IEA Second International Technology in Education Study (SITES) Survey

John Ainley, Frances Eveleigh, Chris Freeman, Kate OMalley
ACER, December 2010

The IEA Second International Technology in Education Study (SITES) survey was conducted internationally in 22 countries during 2006 and then implemented in Australia as a comparison study in 2007. This report presents data on comparisons between Australia and the other countries in the use of ICT in teaching year 8 science and mathematics. Adapted from the report, which is available online

Key Learning Areas


Subject Headings

Secondary education
Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

Building a High-Quality Teaching Profession: Lessons from Around the World

The recently held International Summit on the Teaching Profession brought together education ministers, union leaders and other teacher leaders from high-performing and rapidly improving education systems to review how best to improve teacher quality and the quality of teaching and learning. This background report, taking up the four themes of the summit in turn, presents available evidence about what can make teacher-oriented reforms effective, and highlights selected examples of reforms that have produced specific results, show promise or illustrate imaginative ways of implementing change. The first three themes look at system features that shape particular aspects of teachers’ professional careers. The fourth theme looks at process, and considers what can make reform effective. Adapted from the report which is available online. See also media release.


Subject Headings

Teaching profession

Wasting Minds: Why Our Education System Is Failing and What We Can Do About It

Ronald A. Wolk
ASCD, February 2011

This book argues that flawed assumptions have shaped the debate on US school reform for decades, hampering progress. The author proposes alternative assumptions as the basis for a whole new system of schooling. Topics include leadership, students as digital natives, student attrition and high-stakes testing. Adapted from the publisher’s description.


Subject Headings

Educational evaluation
Educational planning
United States of America (USA)