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New publications

Inspiring Australia: A National Strategy for Engaging with the Sciences

This report focuses on community engagement with science in order to motivate young Australians to become involved in the science and science-related issues relevant to 21st century living. It emphasises the need to develop a culture where science is seen as relevant to everyday life, and where a range of institutions and individuals work together to promote science. Strategies designed to increase the profile of scientists and of science-related achievements need to be put in place and current and new programs need to be supported in order to encourage engagement in the sciences. Approaches include concerted local efforts, a strong online presence and improved flow of information. Adapted from the Executive Summary. The full report is available online.

Key Learning Areas


Subject Headings

Science literacy
Education policy
Educational planning

Social Media & Mobile Internet Use Among Teens and Young Adults

Amanda Lenhart, Kristen Purcell, Aaron Smith, Kathryn Zickuhr

This report examines the ways in which teens and young adults in the USA are using social media and devices such as mobile phones. Traditional blogging appears to have declined in popularity, with teens moving instead towards micro-blogging platforms geared towards status updates. In contrast, use of social networking services has increased substantially, with almost three quarters of teenagers reporting using these technologies, compared with roughly half of adult users. While sites such as Facebook and MySpace remain popular with teens and young adults, use of Twitter remains very low. Teens and young adults use the internet for accessing information about news and current events, shopping online and obtaining information about topics such as health and fitness. The full report is available online.


Subject Headings

Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
United States of America (USA)
Computers in society

Is Initial Teacher Training Failing to Meet the Needs of All our Young People?

James Wetz

The changing social and personal circumstances of students in Britain means that teachers may not be equipped with adequate skills to deal with new demands and situations that may arise. The report contends that there is a growing gap between students who are achieving in school and those who are disengaged, and that initial teacher education programs need to provide teachers with the skills needed to address this gap. While teachers cannot be expected to become social workers, teacher education should move beyond training for the classroom and towards developing professionals capable of working to address young people's needs. Adapted from the Executive Summary. The full report is available online.


Subject Headings

Teacher training
Teacher-student relationships
Socially disadvantaged
Great Britain

Diversity, Equality and Achievement in Education

Gianna Knowles, Vini Lander
Sage, February 2011

This book examines issues related to social, ethnic and linguistic diversity in the classroom. It looks at how teachers can address different students' needs in order to establish fair, respectful, trusting and constructive relationships with children and their families. It examines real issues that affect teachers in the classroom, including the variety of factors influencing child development. Dealing with some of the less widely addressed aspects of diversity and inclusion, the book considers: children who are asylum seekers; the notion of 'pupil voice'; what diversity and equality mean in practice; gender and achievement; looked-after children; social class; disability; and ethnicity and whiteness. Adapted from the publisher's description.


Subject Headings

Teacher-student relationships
Social life and customs
Child development

Other Duties as Assigned: Tips, Tools, and Techniques for Expert Teacher Leadership

Jan Burgess, Donna Bates
ASCD, August 2009

Teacher leaders are expected to accomplish a wide spectrum of duties. This book aims to provide ongoing advice and counsel on how to master these responsibilities. Chapter titles include Strengthening Professional Practice, Team Relationships, The Teacher as Leader, and Gauging Progress. Adapted from the publisher's description.


Subject Headings

School leadership

Catching Up or Leading the Way: American Education in the Age of Globalization

Yong Zhao
ASCD,  2009

This book examines similarities and differences between education in the USA, China and other countries, to evaluate the suitability of US education reforms. The author examines the strengths of US education; criticisms of schools in the USA; how globalisation is affecting jobs and everyday life; and how the virtual world is transforming the economic and social landscape. Chapter titles include What Knowledge Is of Most Worth in the Global and Digital Economy?; Global Competence and Digital Competence: The New Universal Knowledge and Skills; and Recent Education Reform in the United States. Adapted from the publisher's description.


Subject Headings

United States of America (USA)
Education aims and objectives
Education policy