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New publications

The Next Generation of Literacy Statistics: Implementing the Literacy Assessment and Monitoring Programme (LAMP)

Cesar Guadalupe, Brenda Tay-Lim, Manuel Cardoso, Lucia Girardi

This report provides an outline of the Literacy Assessment and Monitoring Program (LAMP), which is designed to improve available statistics on literacy and inform social and educational policy. Using questionnaires and tests, LAMP measures literacy across three areas: reading of continuous prose, reading of non-continuous documents, and numeracy. The program allows identification of low and high achievers, as well as their socioeconomic context, for potential intervention. LAMP is implemented according to the needs of a particular country, but typically takes 18–24 months and will cost approximately $250,000. Implementation involves a preparatory gathering of experts to design the scope and characteristics of the study, followed by pre-testing and the subsequent main assessment. Evidence generated is analysed and used to inform educational policy and literacy programs. The full report is available online.


Subject Headings

Educational evaluation
Education policy

Engineering in K–12 Education: Understanding the Status and Improving the Prospects

Linda Katehi, Greg Pearson, Michael Feder

Engineering education may improve science and mathematics outcomes, technological awareness and knowledge, and promote students' interest in engineering as a career. This text reviews engineering education in current primary and secondary curriculums in the USA, and makes recommendations to address policy, funding and curriculum issues. It also examines how children learn engineering-related concepts and skills. Topics include arguments supporting K–12 engineering education, the current state of K–12 engineering curricula, and ways of teaching and learning core engineering topics. Adapted from publisher's description.

Key Learning Areas


Subject Headings

Curriculum planning
Education policy

New Directions in European Vocational Education and Training Policy and Practice: Lessons for Australia

Roger Harris, Michele Simons, Katie Maher

This report draws on research into vocational education in Europe to make recommendations for policy reform around vocational education and training (VET) programs and practices in Australia. Key issues relevant to Australia include impact and pace of reform; competitiveness and social cohesion; capacity of VET to meet its objectives; assumptions around qualification frameworks; and whether VET systems are converging or diverging. Key themes of relevance to European and Australian policy approaches include relationships between VET and higher education; validation of formal and non-formal learning types; access, inclusion and learner engagement; development of VET teachers; adult education and competencies for lifelong learning; higher level apprenticeships; employer engagement; and retention and guidance services. The full report is available online.


Subject Headings

Education research
Education policy
Education aims and objectives
Vocational education and training

Inspection, Accountability and School Improvement: Report of the Lamb Inquiry to the Secretary of State

Brian Lamb

Drawing on evidence from inspection and other forms of accountability, this report makes policy recommendations to ensure adequate provision for special education needs (SEN) students in Great Britain. With 20% of students having special education needs, all school improvement partners and inspectors should receive training in SEN and disability. Parents of SEN students should be able to provide questionnaire feedback around whether their children's needs are being met, and compliance with regulations around SEN should become an explicit part of the school self-evaluation form. As required, inspections should be triggered, with inspectors able to draw on a range of data to inform them about SEN and disability outcomes and about parental satisfaction. The full report is available online.


Subject Headings

Educational accountability
Special education
Great Britain

Attitudinal Barriers to Engaging Young People in Positive Activities: Literature and Communications Review


Socially beneficial 'positive activities' such as volunteering are widely perceived by young people as too time-consuming to fit into daily routines. Drawing on data from a literature review and from current program initiatives, this report examines barriers to young people's participation in positive activities, young people's understanding of services, and parents' views on participation. Barriers included lack of time, lack of transport, and difficult scheduling of activities, as well as attitudinal factors. Young people need to be encouraged to try new activities, and to be aware that they have a choice in the degree of their involvement, and that these activities can help build skills in a fun and engaging way. Parents' support should be encouraged by increasing their awareness of the short- and longer-term benefits of positive participation. The full report is available online.


Subject Headings

Parent and child
Great Britain

The Curriculum Mapping Planner: Templates, Tools, and Resources for Effective Professional Development

Heidi Hayes Jacobs, Ann Johnson
ASCD, October 2009

Designed for use in workshops, by professional learning communities, and by curriculum teams, this text provides a series of samples, templates and tools to aid curriculum planning. It aims to help establish a rationale and long-term support for curriculum mapping; develop new or refine existing curriculum maps; and connect curriculum maps to assessment, pedagogical strategies and school improvement initiatives. Professional development tools include questions to focus discussion, activities to improve understanding, assessments to show evidence of learning, and instructional maps to guide implementation of mapping training. Adapted from publisher's description.


Subject Headings

Educational planning
School leadership
Professional development
Curriculum planning