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New publications

Wannik (Learning Together - Journey to Our Future): Education Strategy for Koorie Students in Victoria

DEECD,  2008

Wannik, from the Gunai/Kurnai language meaning Learning Together – Journey to Our Future, is the new Education Strategy for Koorie (Indigenous) students of the Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development. Wannik represents a new era of collaboration in Victoria where the system will reposition the education of Koorie students within all schools through strong leadership that creates a culture of high expectations and individualised learning for Koorie students. (From Victorian Government statement)


Subject Headings

Aboriginal students
Educational planning

The Comprehensive Public High School

Geoffrey Sherington, Craig Campbell

The history of the public comprehensive high school is examined, taking as a case study the public education system in New South Wales. The authors consider the successes of the comprehensive model, while also describing in detail the historical, political and economic factors that have led to increasing criticism of public high schools, including the growing application of free-market concepts to education in the late twentieth century. Adapted from publisher's description and Introduction.


Subject Headings

State schools
Secondary education
New South Wales (NSW)

The Cost of Teacher Turnover

Gary Barnes, Edward Crowe, Benjamin Schaefer

In 2007, the National Commission on Teaching and America's Future (NCTAF) completed an 18-month study of the costs of teacher turnover in five school districts in the USA – Chicago Public Schools in Illinois, Milwaukee Public Schools in Wisconsin, Granville County Schools North Carolina, Jemez Valley Public Schools New Mexico, and Santa Rosa Public Schools, also in New Mexico. The selected school districts varied in size, location and demographics enabling the Commission to explore how these variations affected costs. The study examined the costs of recruiting, hiring, processing and training teachers at both the school and district levels. Findings indicate that the cost of turnover varies from district to district, largely dependent on the size of the district and the types of induction programs the district implements, but, in all cases, the cost of teacher turnover is substantial. (Adapted from publisher's description)


Subject Headings

United States of America (USA)
Teacher training
Educational evaluation
Education finance
Teachers' employment
Teaching profession

Case Studies in 21st Century School Administration

David L. Gray, Agnes E. Smith

This book of case studies from the USA aims to give prospective school leaders opportunities to resolve complex issues in K–12 school settings through reflective questions, activities and authentic assessment tools for skill development. The case studies are based on actual events that relate to the knowledge and skills instructional leaders need for balancing the needs of stakeholders. The book is designed to introduce students to specific challenges that will help them practise their decision-making, communication, resource management and interpersonal relations skills. Adapted from publisher's description.


Subject Headings

Case studies
School administration
School leadership

Literacies and Learners

Rod Campbell, David Green

Now in its third edition, this book 'continues to question common sense notions of language and language learning'. It explores the major theories and issues in the fields of language, language acquisition and language education, using Australian examples. The structure and emphasis of the book has been updated to take into account developments in theories and practice. Written for primary and early childhood teachers and for teachers in training, the book includes snapshots of real-life classroom situations, student activities and annotated bibliographies for each chapter. Adapted from publisher's description.

Key Learning Areas


Subject Headings

English language teaching
Primary education
Early childhood education

A History of Mathematics Education During the Twentieth Century

Angela Lynn Evans Walmsley

The history of mathematics education in the USA is described in terms of philosophy, mathematics content, teacher education, pedagogy and assessment. The author examines historical documents from each decade of the twentieth century, and finds similarities and differences between successive reform movements. Mathematics education tends to swing on a pendulum from 'traditional education', including teacher-directed instruction with an emphasis on computation skills, to 'reform education,' including student-directed instruction with an emphasis on problem solving. Adapted from publisher's description.

Key Learning Areas


Subject Headings

Mathematics teaching
United States of America (USA)