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Storytelling & leadership - pub Oct 07


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Encyclopedia of Educational Technology

David Abbott
COE, 27 April 2007
website - ch w TS whether to include. http://coe.sdsu.edu/eet

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This Is Your Life

Anne Vize
This series of three books is designed to help students build the skills and knowledge necessary for making positive choices. Separate titles are available for lower, middle and upper primary students. Each book contains five units of work which cover health, lifestyle or behaviour topics, such as eating choices, activity choices, learning choices, and safety choices. By helping students become aware of how various choices affect them socially, emotionally, physically and mentally, the authors also hope to provide protection against peer pressure, poor role modelling and consumer-driven advertising campaigns. Suggested lessons aim to help students recognise how their beliefs influence their decisions, and can be linked values education. (See publisher's description)

Subject Headings

Values education
Health education

How to Succeed with Education for Sustainability

Josephine Lang
Curriculum Corporation, 1 January 2007

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Teaching and Learning Astronomy: Effective Strategies for Educators Worldwide

Jay Pasachoff, John Percy
Cambridge University Press, October 2005 – ISBN: 052184262X
Astronomy is taught in schools worldwide, but few schoolteachers have any background in astronomy or astronomy teaching, and available resources may be insufficient or non-existent. Teaching and Learning Astronomy attempts to highlight the many places for astronomy in the curriculum; relevant education research and 'best practice'; strategies for pre-service and in-service teacher education; the use of the Internet and other technologies; and the role that planetariums, observatories, science centres, and organisations of professional and amateur astronomers can play. The special needs of developing countries, and other under-resourced areas are also highlighted. The book concludes by addressing how the teaching and learning of astronomy could be improved world-wide. This overview is based on papers and posters presented by experts at a Special Session of the International Astronomical Union. The book is international in scope and aims to be relevant to teaching in all countries, introduces tools and methods for teaching and attempts to address elementary and secondary school teaching as well as outreach and communication. Topics include Astronomy in the curriculum around the world; Astronomy education research; Educating students; Educating teachers; Astronomy and pseudoscience; Astronomy and culture; Astronomy in developing countries; Public outreach in astronomy; and The education programs of the IAU. (Adapted from the publisher's description).

Subject Headings

Science teaching