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New publications

What Scientists Think

Jeremy Stangroom
Routledge, May 2005
Twelve scientists and scientific philosophers contribute to this publication. They address a range of the contemporary challenges facing science and offer their thoughts on future developments. Issues covered include Darwinism and genes, the human brain and consciousness, cybernetics and a post-human future, microbiology, viruses and their threats, animal experimentation and research ethics, cancer research and science under threat. (Adapted from publisher's description.)

Key Learning Areas


Subject Headings

Science teaching

With the Best of Intentions: How Philanthropy is Reshaping K-12 Education

Frederick M. Hess

This book discusses philanthropy and its impact on education reform in the USA over recent years. Contributors offer thoughts and take part in debates. The first section provides a background, outlining the general types and ambitions of philanthropy in education. The second section discusses the goals and dynamics of philanthropic efforts, such as advancing research, policy and advocacy; supporting low socioeconomic districts; building new schools; and promoting school choice. A third section focuses on lessons and challenges encountered by philanthropic reform measures. The publication is written for educators, policy makers, community leaders and philanthropists. (Adapted from publisher's description.)


Subject Headings

Schools finance
Education philosophy
Education policy

An Evaluation of the Australian Government Quality Teacher Program 1999-2004

Atelier Learning Solutions Pty Ltd

This report examines whether the Australian Government Quality Teacher Program (AGQTP) has achieved its objectives of updating teaching ability in priority areas and enhancing the status of teaching between 1999 and 2004. It is based on existing reports, a survey of school principals, stakeholder interviews and case studies of selected program projects. A continued national program to increase teaching skills, in line with Australia's Teachers: Australia's Future, and a number of other operational objectives are recommended. The report finds that professional development initiatives have increased teaching ability and led to improved approaches in priority areas. Examples noted include increased collaboration in literacy teaching; increased inclusion of Indigenous families in numeracy learning; external mentoring; pedagogical development to promote real-world science teaching; and improvement of teacher ICT skills and subsequent integration of ICT aspects across the curriculum. The report identifies the main factors contributing to success as: a national commitment to building teaching skills in all Australian schools; and structural flexibility to respond to local needs and cross-curriculum collaboration. Enhancing the status of teaching is 'not an appropriate' objective at present and the report recommends that the program have the sole objective of increasing teaching and school leadership skills. The report also assesses the program's efficiency in terms of project delivery, resources and reporting measures. (Adapted from report summary.)


Subject Headings

Education research
Professional development
Teaching and learning
Teaching profession
Teacher evaluation
Teacher training

Even Hockey Players Read: Boys, Literacy and Learning

David Booth
Written for parents and teachers, this book seeks to deconstruct many of the current assumptions and stereotypes about boys and reading. It details interviews with boys and men about their reading preferences, challenges and values. A range of techniques to help boys become skilled, motivated readers and writers are outlined and recreational reading titles recommended. (Available from Curriculum Corporation.)

Subject Headings

Boys' education

Teaching the Teachers Mandatory Aboriginal Studies

James Wilson-Miller, Janet Mooney, Rhonda Craven, Chris Halse, Herb Marsh

A series of three reports outlines research findings on the impact of mandatory Aboriginal studies in teacher training. The first report, Teaching the Teachers Aboriginal Studies: Impact on Teaching, summarises phone surveys and in-depth interviews with primary school teachers in New South Wales. Teachers who had undertaken Aboriginal studies showed greater competence and commitment to Aboriginal history, current issues and teaching Indigenous students. Teaching the Teachers Mandatory Aboriginal Studies, Voume I: Recent Successful Strategies outlines course structure, content and teaching strategies adopted by teacher training institutions for mandatory Aboriginal studies. It includes a literature review, research findings and case study analysis. Teaching the Teachers Mandatory Aboriginal Studies, Volume II: Case Studies of Exemplary Practice in Preservice Teacher Education details case studies of mandatory Aboriginal studies at Australian Catholic University, University of Southern Queensland and the University of Western Sydney. Course structure, staffing, practicum arrangements, collaboration with Aboriginal education units, use of guest speakers, resources, assessment and student reflections are discussed. (Adapted from report summaries and review by Rhonda Craven in Teacher, December 2005.) 


Subject Headings

Teacher training
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies
Aboriginal students

Training @ Work: Back to Basics Vol2 Online Version

The Training Packages @ Work Team

This free publication explains key components of the Vocational Education and Training system (VET) and is now available online. It follows on from Volume 1 produced in 2003. It is designed to provide both an easy-reference guide for experienced VET teachers and a tool for new staff induction. A centrefold indexes critical VET resources, access points and key contacts. Acronyms and jargons are avoided. The volumes were created by the team behind Training Packages at Work, a free newsletter for VET professionals across all States and Territories.


Subject Headings

VET (Vocational Education and Training)
Professional development