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Tables of contents

Journal of Research in Reading

Volume 28 Number 1, February 2005


     Chris Singleton & Morag Stuart


Dyslexia and oral reading errors

     Chris Singleton


Teacher-child interaction in the teaching of reading: a review of research perspectives over twenty-five years

     Ros Fisher


Picture naming and developmental reading disorders

     Kate Nation


Phonemic analysis and reading development: some current issues

     Morag Stuart


Ehri's model of phases of learning to read: a brief critique

     John R Beech


Key Learning Areas


Subject Headings

Education research

Educational Management Administration and Leadership

Volume 33 Number 2, May 2005

Researching Educational Leadership & Management

     Jacky Lumby, Nick Foskett & Brian Fidler


The International Context for Research in Educational Leadership

     Bill Mulford


Current Contexts for Research in Educational Leadership and Management

     Stephen Gorard


Conceptualizing Research in Educational Leadership

     Helen M Gunter


'Leadership' as a Manifestation of Knowledge

      Nicholas Allix & Peter Gronn


Educational Leadership as a Casual Factor: Methodological Issue in Research on Leadership 'Effects'

     Rosalin Levacic


Methodological Issues Related to Casual Studies of Leadership: A Mixed Methods Perspective from the USA

     Charles Teddie


The Study of Educational Leadership and Management: Where Does the Field Stand Today?

     Ronald H Heck & Philip Hallinger


Evolution or Extinction? Reflections on the Future of Research in Educational Leadership and Management

     Nick Foskett, Jack Lumby & Brian Fidler



Subject Headings

Leadership and management

Journal for Research in Mathematics Education

Volume 36 Number 2, March 2005

Masonry Metaphors and Brickyard Blues

     Steve Williams


Equity in School Mathematics Education: How Can Research Contribute?

     NCTM Research Committee


Initiating and Eliciting in Teaching: A Reformulation of Telling

     Joanne Loato, David Clarke & Amy Burns Ellis


Representing Fractions with Standard Notation: A Development Analysis

     Geoffrey B Saxe, Edd V Taylor, Clifton McIntosh & Maryl Gearhart

Key Learning Areas


Subject Headings

Education research

Journal of School Leadership

Volume 14 Number 5, September 2004

Teachers' perceptions of high-stakes testing

     Marianne Reese, Stephen P.Gordon, and Larry R.Price


Job desirability of the university professorate in the field of educational leadership

     Diana G. Pounder, Gary M.Crow and Amy Aldous Bergerson


'Yes, but... ': Education leaders discuss social justice

     Catherine Marshall and Michael Ward


Subject Headings

Leadership and management

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