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Tables of contents

The Australian Journal of Teacher Education

Volume 29 Number 2, 4th  Quarter  2004

Assessing the nature of science views of Singaporean pre-service teachers

    Tan Lip Thye and Boo Hong Kwen


Reflection: Journals and reflective questions: A strategy for professional learning

    Maggie Clarke


Towards optimal student engagement in teacher education

    Laurie Brady


Learning ‘through’ or learning ‘about’? the ridiculous and extravagant medium of opera: Gardner’s multiple intelligences in pre-service teacher education

    Julie White, Mary Dixon and Lynda Smerdon


University-school partnerships: schools’ perspectives during the early stages of development

    Bev Yardley and Graeme Lock



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Oxford Review of Education

Volume 30 Number 3, September 2004

A sociocultural analysis of organisational learning

    Nick Boreham and Colin Morgan


Long-term teacher effects on pupils’ learning gains

    Pascal Bressoux and Maryse Bianco


School admissions and ‘selection’ in comprehensive schools: policy and practice

    Anne West, Audrey Hind and Hazel Pennell


Is there a shortage of quantitative work in education research?

    Stephen Gorard, Katie Rushforth and Chris Taylor


Ruffling the calm of the ocean floor: merging practice, policy and research in assessment in Scotland

    Louise Hayward, Mark Priestly and Myra Young


Parental agency, identity and knowledge: mothers of children with dyslexia

    Carol Buswell Griffiths, Brahm Norwich, Bob Burden


Comments on ‘Modelling social segregation’ by Goldstein and Noden

    Stephen Gorard


A response to Gorard on social segregation

    Harvey Goldstein and Philip Noden



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Educational Review

Volume 56 Number 3, November 2004

Manager, moderator, motivator or what? Does ensuring consistency of reporting fall within the role of the managing inspector in initial teacher training Ofsted inspections?

    Anne J. Sinkinson


‘Heaven help the teachers!’ Parents’ perspectives on the introduction of education for citizenship

    Cathie Holden


Methodological challenges in researching inclusive school cultures

    Melanie Nind, Shereen Benjamin, Kieron Sheehy, Janet Collins and Kathy Hall


Improving narrative skills in young children with delayed language development

    Peter Davies, Becky Shanks and Karen Davies


Incorporating library provision in school self-evaluation

    Sarah McNicol


Early childhood education in Korea: discrepancy between national kindergarten curriculum and practices

    Youn-Ihm Kwon


Book Reviews   



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Australian Journal of Language and Literacy

Volume 27 Number 3, 1st  Quarter  2004

Editorial introduction   


About the authors   


Designing more effective teaching of comprehension in culturally and linguistically diverse classrooms in New Zealand

    Stuart McNaughton, Mei Lai, Shelly MacDonald and Sasha Farry


Book Club Plus: Organising your Literacy Curriculum to bring students to high levels of literacy

    Taffy E. Raphael, Susan Florio-Ruane and MariAnne George


Behind test scores: What struggling readers REALLY need

    Sheila W. Valencia and Marsha Riddle Buly


Developing an understanding of the pedagogy of writing in the middle years (age 8-11)

    Laura Huxford


Talking with Jess: Looking at how metalanguage assisted explanation writing in the Middle Years

    Marie Quinn



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Supporting Student Wellbeing: what does the research tell us about social and emotional development of young people? ACER Research Conference 2004

Foreword v

Opening address 1

Geoff Masters

Conceptualising and researching student wellbeing

Keynote papers 7

Judith Harackiewicz 8

Optimal motivation in education: the importance of students’ goals and interests

Michael Sawyer 13

The mental health and wellbeing of young people in Australia

Brian Hill 17

Core values in the balance

Michael Carr-Gregg 20

Rotten kids or clueless adults - Australian parenting on trial - what's happened

to a developmental perspective?

Concurrent papers 21

Michael Bernard 22

The relationship of young children’s social-emotional development to their achievement

and social-emotional wellbeing

Ramon Lewis 28

Helping teachers help students act responsibly

Ken Rowe, Kathy Rowe, Jan Pollard 34

Literacy, behavior and auditory processing: Building ‘fences’ at the top of the ‘cliff ’

in preference to ‘ambulance services’ at the bottom

John Ainley 53

Individual and school influences on interdependence

Chris Presland 59

The heart and soul of learning


Concurrent papers continued

John Toumbourou, M. Elizabeth Douglas, Alison Short 62

Family and school influences on healthy youth development: an examination

of social interaction between parents within the early high school context

Steven Marshall 66

Strengthening learning through a focus on wellbeing

Peter Hamilton 71

Using evidence to drive system change to improve student wellbeing

Ann Sanson, Diana Smart 72

Pathways to social and emotional wellbeing: Lessons from a 20 year longitudinal study

Margaret Forster 80

Measuring the social outcomes of schooling: What does the ACER research tell us?

Julie McMillan and Kylie Hillman 85

The emotional wellbeing of young people: school, further study, work and beyond

Poster presentations 89

Conference program 95

Conference delegates 99


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