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Tables of contents

Curriculum Inquiry

Volume 41 Number 2, March 2011



Sheltered instruction, historical reasoning, child development, gender normalization, and spiritual activism

Elizabeth Campbell

179 – 184



Teaching as sheltering: a metaphorical analysis of sheltered instruction for English language learners

Anny Fritzen

185 – 211

Beyond reading comprehension and summary: learning to read and write in history by focusing on evidence, perspective, and interpretation

Chauncey Monte-Sano

212 – 249

'Development as an aim of education': a reconsideration of Dewey's vision

Barbara Schecter

250 – 266

Role models or normalizing agents? a genealogical analysis of popular written news media discourse regarding male teachers

Brandon M Sternod

267 – 292

A mighty river: intersections of spiritualities and activism in children's and young adult literature

Lisa Simon & Nadjwa E L Norton

293 – 318



Subject Heading


Volume 45 Number 1, April 2011



Kathy Hall

1 – 2



Peer tutoring in reading in Scotland: thinking big

Keith Topping, David Miller, Allan Thurston et al

3 – 9

'The three hags and Pocohontas': how collaboration develops Early Years writing skills

Bill Boyle & Marie Charles

10 – 18

Log jammed by standard assessment tests: how feedback can help writers

Winifred Burke

19 – 24

Literacy in church and family sites through the eyes of Samoan children in New Zealand

John Dickie & Geraldine McDonald

25 – 31

New media, evolving multimodal literacy practices and the potential impact of increased use of the visual mode in the urban environment on young children's learning

Dylan Yamada-Rice

32 – 43

In defence of multimodal re-signification: a response to Håvard Skaar's 'In defence of writing'

Elisabetta Adami

44 – 50

Book reviews


Goodwin, P (Ed), Understanding Children's Books: A Guide for Educational Professionals

Debbie Wright


Davies, J & Merchant, G, Web 2.0 for Schools: Learning and Social Participation

Laura Nicosia

51 – 52



Subject Heading

Pedagogy, Culture and Society

Volume 19 Number 1, March 2011



Engaging Gen Y in schooling: the need for an egalitarian ethos of education

Glenda McGregor

1 – 20

Reviving the 'moments': from cultural awareness and cross-cultural mediation to critical intercultural language pedagogy

Maria Dasli

21 – 39

Learning 'social responsibility' in the workplace: conjuring, unsettling, and folding boundaries

Tara Fenwick

41 – 60

The self-managed heart: teaching gender and doing emotional labour in a higher education institution

Shirley Koster

61 – 77

'Undoing' the self: should heterosexual teachers 'come out' in the university classroom?

Louisa Allen

79 – 95

Interminable knots: hostages to toxic stories

Olivia Sagan

97 – 118

'School does not teach burying the dead': the complexity of cultural dialogue

Luíza Cortesão & João Cardoso Cuale

119 – 131

Moral care and caring pedagogy: two dimensions of teachers' praxis

Khalil Gholami

133 – 151

Historicising English pedagogy: the extension and transformation of 'the cure of souls'

Jory Brass

153 – 172



Subject Heading

Technology, Pedagogy and Education

Volume 20 Number 1, March 2011




Steve Kennewell

1 – 2



Confronting the technological pedagogical knowledge of Finnish Net Generation student teachers

Teemu Valtonen, Susanna Pontinen, Jari Kukkonen et al

3 – 18

Evaluating learning in the 21st century: a digital age learning matrix

Louise Starkey

19 – 39

Innovation in higher education in China: are teachers ready to integrate ICT in English language teaching?

Zhiwen Hu & Ian McGrath

41 – 59

Using a game environment to foster collaborative learning: a design-based study

Raija Hämäläinen

61 – 78

Learning methods for teacher education: the use of online discussions to improve critical thinking

Zsuzsanna Szabo & Jonathan Schwartz

79 – 94

The design of lessons using mathematics analysis software to support multiple representations in secondary school mathematics

Robyn Pierce, Kaye Stacey, Roger Wander et al

95 – 112

Differential use and benefits of PowerPoint in upper level versus lower level courses

Patricia V Roehling & Sonja Trent-Brown

113 – 124



Subject Heading

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