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Tables of contents

Children's Literature in Education

Volume 42 Number 1, March 2011



‘A chance child’: Jill Paton Walsh and the re-invention of the time slip story

Linda Marian Hall

1 – 18

Alcatraz and Iser: applying Wolfgang Iser’s concepts of implied reader and implied author and reality to the metafictive Alcatraz Smedry series

Michele D. Castleman

19 – 32

Restorative justice scripts in Ursula K. Le Guin’s Voices

Marek C Oziewicz

33 – 43

The rub between fact and fiction: ideology in Lois Lenski’s regional maps

Julia Pond

44 – 55

Metamorphosis in two novels by Melvin Burgess: denying and disguising 'deviant' desire

Lydia Kokkola

56 – 69

Embracing the abject other: the carnival imagery of Harry Potter

Jordana Hall

70 – 89



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Learning Environments Research

Volume 13 Number 3, October 2010



Learning environment profiles of Turkish secondary biology classrooms

Perry den Brok, Sibel Telli, Jale Cakiroglu, et al.


Finnish children’s views on the ideal school and learning environment

Marjaana Kangas

205 – 223

Does pragmatism trump motivation in college students’ preferences for examination formats?

Jay Parkes and Candice Stefanou

225 – 241

Consistency and development of teachers’ epistemological and ontological world views

Lori Olafson, Gregory Schraw and Michelle Vander Veldt

243 – 266

Classroom learning environment and motivation towards mathematics among secondary school students in Uganda

Charles Opolot-Okurut

267 – 277



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Studies in Science Education

Volume 47 Number 1, February 2011



Pedagogical link-making: a fundamental aspect of teaching and learning scientific conceptual knowledge

Phil Scott, Eduardo Mortimer and Jaume Ametller

3 – 36

Participation in science and technology: young people’s achievement-related choices in late-modern societies

Maria Vetleseter Bøe, Ellen Karoline Henriksen, Terry Lyons et al.

37 – 72

Science education in Arab states: bright future or status quo?

Zoubeida R Dagher, Saouma BouJaoude

73 – 101

Book reviews


Critical appraisal of physical science as a human enterprise: dynamics of scientific progress

Richard A. Duschl

103 – 107

Science education from people for people: taking a standpoint

Ralph Levinson

109 – 117



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Teaching Mathematics and its Applications

Volume 30 Number 1, March 2011



Bridging the divide—seeing mathematics in the world through dynamic geometry

Hatice Aydin and John Monaghan

Presenting practical application of mathematics by the use of programming software with easily available visual components

Dragan Lambić

An examination of preservice mathematics teachers’ approaches to construct and solve mathematical modelling problems

Esra Bukova-Güzel

Release the prisoners’ game

Tanja Van Hecke

Measuring the effectiveness of a mathematics support service: an email survey

Jonathan Gillard, Kirsty Robathan and Robert Wilson



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