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Tables of contents

Assessment in Education: Principles, Policy and Practice

Volume 17 Number 3, August 2010



Examinations versus teacher assessments

Jo-Anne Baird

251 – 254



Classification consistency when scores are converted to grades: examination marks versus moderated school assessments

Robert G. MacCann & Gordon Stanley

255 – 272

What happens when high-stakes testing stops? Teachers' perceptions of the impact of compulsory national testing in science of 11-year-olds in England and its abolition in Wales

Sue Collins, Michael Reiss & Gordon Stobart

273 – 286

Fears for tiers: are candidates being appropriately rewarded for their performance in tiered examinations?

Christopher Wheadon & Anton Béguin

287 – 300

'You know what you've done right and what you've done wrong and what you need to improve on': New Zealand students' perspectives on feedback

Judy A. Williams

301 – 314

Profiles of education assessment systems worldwide


Educational assessment in England

Tina Isaacs

315 – 334

Book review


Testing times: the uses and abuses of assessment

Margaret Price

335 – 337


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Australian Journal of Learning Difficulties

Volume 15 Number 1, May 2010



Reducing the effects of auditory and visual distraction on the math performances of students with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Suneeta Kercood & Janice A. Grskovic

1 – 11

Strategy acquisition by children with general learning difficulties through metacognitive training

Mélanie S. Bosson, Marco G. P. Hessels, Christine Hessels-Schlatter, Jean-Louis Berger et al

13 – 34

In search of a simple assessment instrument for identifying dyslexia in university students

Kate Chanock, David Farchione, Wendy Paulusz, Sally Freeman & Livia Lo Giudice

35 – 49

Literacy skills of children born preterm

Alison Holm & Sharon Crosbie

51 – 69

Learning with dyslexia in secondary school in New Zealand: What can we learn from students' past experiences?

Linda Rowan

71 – 79

Issues in the identification and ongoing assessment of ESL students with reading difficulties for reading intervention

Gary Woolley

81 – 98

Australian pre-service teachers' knowledge of phonemic awareness and phonics in the process of learning to read

Ruth Fielding-Barnsley

99 – 110

Book Reviews


Dyslexia-friendly practice in the secondary classroom

Genevieve M. McArthur

111 – 112

Collaborative individualized education process: RSVP to IDEA

Phil Foreman

112 – 113


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British Journal of Sociology of Education

Volume 31 Number 5, 31 August 2010



The sociology of disability and education

Madeleine Arnot, Philip Brown, Amanda Coffey, Miriam David et al

529 – 535



A tribute to Len Barton

Sally Tomlinson

537 – 546

Disability studies, disabled people and the struggle for inclusion

Mike Oliver & Colin Barnes

547 – 560

Revisiting the politics of special educational needs and disability studies in education with Len Barton

Roger Slee

561 – 573

Lessons for higher education: the university as a site of activism

Kathleen Lynch

575 – 590

The heterodoxy of student voice: challenges to identity in the sociology of disability and education

Susan J. Peters

591 – 602

The sociology of disability and the struggle for inclusive education

Julie Allan

603 – 619

A time for the universal right to education: back to basics

Marcia H. Rioux & Paula C. Pinto

621 – 642



Len Barton

643 – 650


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Classroom Discourse

Volume 1 Number 1, May 2010


Steve Walsh

1 – 3



Locusts, snowflakes and recasts: complexity theory and spoken interaction

Paul Seedhouse

4 – 24

On the contingent nature of language-learning tasks

John Hellermann & Simona Pekarek Doehler

25 – 45

Historical explanations as situated practice in content and language integrated learning

Ana Llinares & Tom Morton

46 – 65

Incidental microgenetic development in second-language teacher–learner talk-in-interaction

Rémi A. van Compernolle

66 – 81

Is there such a thing as a typical language lesson?

Amanda Howard

82 – 100


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