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Tables of contents

Asia-Pacific Journal of Teacher Education

Volume 38 Number 1, February 2010



Building and sustaining a research culture in teacher education

Jo-Anne Reid, Ninetta Santoro, Anne McMaugh & David Saltmarsh

1 – 3

Original articles


Is the world their oyster? The global imagination of pre-service teachers

Pernilla Widegren & Catherine Doherty

5 – 22

Negotiating spaces: the in-betweeness of becoming a teacher

Anita Sinner

23 – 37

New teachers learning in rural and regional Australia

Margaret Somerville, Margaret Plunkett & Michael Dyson

39 – 55

Novice teachers' work: constructing 'different' children?

Susan Krieg

57 – 68

Exploring the tactfulness of implementing play in the classroom: a Hong Kong experience

Doris Cheng Pui-Wah

69 – 82


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Applied Environmental Education & Communication

Volume 8 Number 3, July 2009
News & notes 147 – 152



Conservation education and the attitudes of local communities living adjacent to Mt Elgon National Park, Uganda

Joseph C. Oonyu

153 – 164

Direct measures in environmental education evaluation: behavioral intentions versus observable actions

Camilo Camargo & Richard Shavelson

165 – 173

Communicating chemical risks for social learning: findings from an expert opinion survey

Jari Lyytimäki, Timo Assmuth & Mikael Hildén

174 – 183

How to change university faculty members' attitudes and behavior in the context of education for sustainable development

Ahmad Qablan & Suleiman Al-Qaderi

184 – 194

Community ecology and capacity: keys to progressing the environmental communication of wicked problems

Rosemary M. Caron & Nancy Serrell

195 – 203

Sustainability in journalism education: assessment of a trial module in New Zealand

Komathi Kolandai-Matchett, Ian Spellerberg, Graeme D. Buchan & Nick Early

204 – 215


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American Journal of Distance Education

Volume 23 Number 4, October 2009



A sad reminder that diploma mills are still with us

Michael Grahame Moore

175 – 178



Assessing Cognitive Load Theory to improve student learning for mechanical engineers

Thomas J. Impelluso

179 – 193

The development of the Motivation for Critical Reasoning in Online Discussions Inventory (MCRODI)

Tianyi Zhang, Matthew J. Koehler & Alexandru Spatariu

194 – 211

Medical student perceptions of self-paced, web-based electives: a descriptive study

Larissa May, Kimberly D. Acquaviva, Annette Dorfman & Laurie Posey

212 – 223



Speaking personally – with Darcy W. Hardy 224 – 230

Book review


Ethical Practices and Implications in Distance Learning Ugur Demiray & Ramesh C. Sharma, Eds. Hershey, PA, and New York: Information Science, 2009, 416 pp., $195.00 (hardcover)

António M. Teixeira

231 – 233

Acknowledgments 234

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ALT-J Research in Learning Technology

Volume 17 Number 3, November 2009



Mobile and contextual learning

Agnes Kukulska-Hulme & Mike Sharples

159 – 160



Towards an understanding of the virtual context in mobile learning

Sarah Cornelius & Phil Marston

161 – 172

A case of a laptop learning campus: how do technology choices affect perceptions?

Jennifer Percival & Nathan Percival

173 – 186

Situated learning in the mobile age: mobile devices on a field trip to the sea

Vanessa D. I. Pfeiffer, Sven Gemballa, Halszka Jarodzka, Katharina Scheiter & Peter Gerjets

187 – 199

How can mobile SMS communication support and enhance a first year undergraduate learning environment?

Geraldine Jones, Gabriele Edwards & Alan Reid

201 – 218

The value of using short-format podcasts to enhance learning and teaching

Catherine Sutton-Brady, Karen M. Scott, Lucy Taylor, Giuseppe Carabetta & Steve Clark

219 – 232

Mobile learning for teacher professional learning: benefits, obstacles and issues

Peter Aubusson, Sandy Schuck & Kevin Burden

233 – 247


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