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Tables of contents

Reading Psychology

Volume 30 Number 4, July 2009

Original articles


How robust is the contribution of morphological awareness to general spelling outcomes?

S. Hélène Deacon, John R. Kirby & Melissa Casselman-Bell

301 – 318

An investigation of teachers' concerns about vocabulary and the representation of these concerns in content literacy methodology textbooks

Karen Wood, Jean Vintinner, Patricia Hill-Miller, Janis M. Harmon & Wanda Hedrick

319 – 339

Examining the relationship between text processing and text comprehension in fourth grade readers

Stephen B. Kucer

340 – 358

Readers' theater: a process of developing fourth-graders' reading fluency

Rachel Clark, Timothy G. Morrison & Brad Wilcox

359 – 385


Subject Heading

Teachers and Teaching: Theory and Practice

Volume 15 Number 4, 19 August 2009



International perspectives on veteran teachers: introduction

Miriam Ben-Peretz & Gary McCulloch

403 – 408



The moral universe of Mr Chips: veteran teachers in British literature and drama

Gary McCulloch

409 – 420

Distinctive qualities of expert teachers

Amy B. M. Tsui

421 – 439

Veteran teachers: commitment, resilience and quality retention

Christopher Day & Qing Gu

441 – 457

The role of 'accomplished teachers' in professional learning communities: uncovering practice and enabling leadership

Ann Lieberman & Désirée H. Pointer Mace

459 – 470

What it takes to stick it out: two veteran inner-city teachers after 25 years

Rosetta Marantz Cohen

471 – 491

The secrets of successful veteran biology teachers: metaphors of evolution, regeneration, and adaptation

Billie Eilam

493 – 513

The game veteran theatre teachers are playing: anatomy of musings

Shifra Schonmann

515 – 538


Subject Heading

Teacher Development

Volume 13 Number 2, 14 May 2009



What happens as student teachers who made very good use of ICT during pre-service training enter their first year of teaching?

Michael Hammond, Elpiniki Fragkouli, Ida Suandi, Sue Crosson et al

93 – 106

Reggio-inspired professional development in a diverse urban public school: cases of what is possible

Susan Lyon & David M. Donahue

107 – 124

Creating teachers' perceptual, behavioral, and attitudinal change using professional development workshops

Michael Shriner, Bethanne Schlee, Melissa Hamil & Rebecca Libler

125 – 134

Embodied discourses of literacy in the lives of two preservice teachers

Donna Kalmbach Phillips & Mindy Legard Larson

135 – 146

The perspectives and experiences of Hong Kong preschool teacher mentors: implications for mentoring

Yuen-ling Li

147 – 158

The lived experiences of elementary prospective teachers in mathematics content coursework

Lynn C. Hart & Susan L. Swars

159 – 172

Changing mathematics teachers' conceptions of assessment and feedback

Helen Dixon & Mavis Haigh

173 – 186


Subject Heading

International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education

Volume 22 Number 5, September 2009



Unfolding possibilities through a decolonizing project: indigenous knowledges and rural Japanese women

Kimine Mayuzumi

507 – 526

The story of leading mathematics teachers from teacher-trainees to key positions

Dorit Patkin & Dvora Gesser

527 – 548

'Snapped': researching the sexual cultures of schools using visual methods

Louisa Allen

549 – 561

Student and teacher negotiations of racial identity in an Afro-Ecuadorian region

Ethan Allen Johnson

563 – 584

Validity as intended: 'bursting forth toward' bridling in phenomenological research

Mark D. Vagle

585 – 605

Seeing red: poetry and metaphor as responses to representational challenges in critical narrative research

Brenton J. Prosser

607 – 622

Book reviews


Book reviews

Greg Dimitriadis

623 – 625

Deleuze and the arts of teaching and research

Bronwyn Davies

625 – 630


Subject Heading

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