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Tables of contents

International Journal of Research & Method in Education

Volume 32 Number 2, July 2009



Transformation and regulation in educational research

Melanie Nind & Birgit Pepin

135 – 136



Interrogating paradigmatic and narrative analyses against a backdrop of teacher professionalism

Sheryl MacMath

137 – 150

The use of CAQDAS in educational research: some advantages, limitations and potential risks

José Baltazar García-Horta & María Teresa Guerra-Ramos

151 – 165

Pictorial analysis in research on education: method and concepts

Eva Skåreus

167 – 183

Using social network methods to study school leadership

Virginia M. Pitts & James P. Spillane

185 – 207

Dual vision: capturing the learning journey of pre-service early childhood teachers of science

Christine Howitt & Grady Venville

209 – 230

Book reviews

Irene Kleanthous; Tim Millar; Kevin Myers

231 – 234


Subject Heading

Studying Teacher Education: a Journal of Self-Study of Teacher Education Practices

Volume 5 Number 1, 13 May 2009



Building a vision for practice

Amanda Berry

1 – 3

Research articles


Using preservice teacher emotion to encourage critical engagement with diversity

Kimberly R. White

5 – 20

Using metaphors to uncover the selves in my practice

Katheryn East

21 – 31

Responding to the challenges posed by summative teacher candidate evaluation: a collaborative self-study of practicum supervision by faculty

Darlene Ciuffetelli Parker & Louis Volante

33 – 44

Developing a vision of teacher education: how my classroom teacher understandings evolved in the university environment

Jason K. Ritter

45 – 60

Seeing through ICT: re-viewing student teachers' transformation of practice from university session to school placement

Jean Dourneen & Sasha Matthewman

61 – 74

Exploring the radical middle between theory and practice: a collaborative self-study of beginning teacher educators

Shawn Michael Bullock & Theodore Christou

75 – 88

Theoretical and methodological tensions in a poststructural, collaborative self-study research project

Susan Sandretto

89 – 101


Subject Heading

Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research

Volume 53 Number 4, 19 August 2009



Possibilities in the boy turn? Comparative lessons from Australia and Iceland

Ingólfur Ásgeir Jóhannesson, Bob Lingard & Martin Mills

309 – 325

Modelling and managing student loyalty: a study of a Norwegian university college

Erik Nesset & Øyvind Helgesen

327 – 345

Promoting democratic citizenship through non-formal adult education: the case of Denmark

Marcella Milana & Tore Bernt Sørensen

347 – 362

Psychological distress among nursing, physiotherapy and occupational therapy students: a longitudinal and predictive study

Per Nerdrum, Tone Rustøen & Michael Helge Rønnestad

363 – 378

Perceptions of learning environment and on-task orientation among students reporting different achievement levels: a study conducted among Norwegian secondary school students

Elena Maria Cosmovici, Thormod Idsoe, Edvin Bru & Elaine Munthe

379 – 396

Cognitive skills in internet-supported learning environments in higher education: research issues

Teklu Abate Bekele

397 – 419


Subject Heading

Ethics and Education

Volume 4 Number 1, March 2009


Richard Smith


Original articles


Respect-due and respect-earned: negotiating student–teacher relationships

Joan F. Goodman

3 – 17

Touched by injury: toward an educational theory of anti-racist humanism

Dina Georgis & R. M. Kennedy

19 – 30

Food for thought: resourcing moral education

Paul Standish

31 – 42

Cavell, literacy and what it means to read

Amanda J. Fulford

43 – 55

Places, spaces, holes for knowing and writing the earth: the geography curriculum and Derrida's Khôra

Christine Winter

57 – 68

Continuities, discontinuities, interactions: values, education and neuroethics

Inna Semetsky

69 – 80

Learning from Seneca: a Stoic perspective on the art of living and education

Leendert F. Groenendijk & Doret J. de Ruyter

81 – 92

Practising what we preach: justice and ethical instruction in management education

Tina L. Robbins & Ben C. Jeffords

93 – 102


Subject Heading

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