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Tables of contents

Research in Science Education

Volume 39 Number 3, 13 May 2009

Guest editorial


Reading scientific texts: adapting primary literature for promoting scientific literacy

Anat Yarden




Bridging the gap between the language of science and the language of school science through the use of adapted primary literature

Linda M. Phillips & Stephen P. Norris


West Nile virus: using adapted primary literature in mathematical biology to teach scientific and mathematical reasoning in high school

Stephen P. Norris, John S. Macnab, Marjorie Wonham & Gerda de Vries


Justification and persuasion about cloning: arguments in Hwang’s paper and journalistic reported versions

María Pilar Jiménez-Aleixandre & Marta Federico-Agraso


'Here the scientists explain what I said.' Coordination practices elicited during the enactment of the results and discussion sections of adapted primary literature

Hedda Falk & Anat Yarden


Promises and challenges for the use of adapted primary literature in science curricula: commentary

Danielle J. Ford


Supporting teaching and learning using authentic scientific texts: a rejoinder to Danielle J. Ford

Anat Yarden, Hedda Falk, Marta Federico-Agraso, María Pilar Jiménez-Aleixandre, Stephen P. Norris & Linda M. Phillips


The potential of adapted primary literature (APL) for learning: a response

Jonathan Osborne


Reading science texts – epistemology, inquiry, authenticity – a rejoinder to Jonathan Osborne

Stephen P. Norris, Hedda Falk, Marta Federico-Agraso, María Pilar Jiménez-Aleixandre, Linda M. Phillips & Anat Yarden



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Studies in Philosophy and Education

Volume 28 Number 5, September 2009



Introduction to the special issue ‘Capabilities and Education’

Geoffrey Hinchcliffe & Lorella Terzi


Quo Vadis? The capability space and new directions for the philosophy of educational research

Caroline Sarojini Hart


Capability and deliberation

Geoffrey Hinchliffe


What is equity in education? Reflections from the capability approach

Elaine Unterhalter


Sen and the art of motorcycle maintenance: adaptive preferences and higher education

Michael Watts


Liberal learning as freedom: a capabilities approach to undergraduate education

Robert F. Garnett


Capability and learning to choose

Ortrud Leßmann


Educational practice and development of human capabilities: mediations of the student–teacher relation at the interpersonal and institutional level

Marit Honerød Hoveid & Halvor Hoveid


Review of Michalinos Zembylas: The Politics of Trauma in Education

Claudia Eppert


Response to Claudia Eppert’s review of The Politics of Trauma in Education

Michalinos Zembylas



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British Journal of Sociology of Education

Volume 30 Number 5, September 2009
Doctoral theses 519 – 520



Mobilising capitals? Migrant children's negotiation of their everyday lives in school

Dympna Devine

521 – 535

'They start to get malicia': teaching tacit and technical knowledge

Neil Stephens & Sara Delamont

537 – 548

New counter-school cultures: female students' drug use at a high-achieving secondary school

Adam Fletcher, Chris Bonell & Tim Rhodes

549 – 562

Navigating a treacherous game: conceptualising parental engagement in contemporary Queensland schooling

Kym Macfarlane

563 – 576

Globalizing critical studies of 'official' knowledge: lessons from the Japanese history textbook controversy over 'comfort women'

Keita Takayama

577 – 589

Cultural capital as an explanation of variation in participation in higher education

John Noble & Peter Davies

591 – 605

An alternative reading of modern religious education in England and Wales

L. Philip Barnes

607 – 619

Legitimacy through alternate means: schools without professionals in the private sector

Linda Quirke

621 – 634

Review symposium


Feminism and 'the schooling scandal'

Robert Morrell & Julie McLeod

635 – 645

Extended review


The way class works: readings on school, family and the economy

Ken Roberts

647 – 651

Review essay


Further education: policy hysteria, competitiveness and performativity

James Avis

653 – 662


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Australasian Journal of Educational Technology

Volume 25 Number 4, September 2009


Roger Atkinson & Catherine McLoughlin


Research articles


Development of course material in a multi-author environment

Michael Schlotter


Secondary school music education: a case study in adapting to ICT resource limitations

Renée Crawford


Developing an approach for comparing students' multimodal text creations: a case study

Mike Levy & Kay Kimber


Case study of a computer based examination system

Andrew Fluck, Darren Pullen & Colleen Harper


Are learning style preferences of health science students predictive of their attitudes towards e-learning?

Ted Brown, Maryam Zoghi, Brett Williams, Shapour Jaberzadeh, Louis Roller et al


A web enabled video system for self reflection by student teachers using a guiding framework

Siu Cheung Kong, Ronnie Shroff & Hing Keung Hung


The topic of instructional design in research journals: A citation analysis for the years 1980-2008

Zehra Ozcinar


Lecture attendance and web based lecture technologies: A comparison of student perceptions and usage patterns

Brian R. von Konsky, Jim Ivins & Susan J. Gribble



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