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Tables of contents

Current Issues in Comparative Education

Volume 11 Number 1, Autumn 2009

Editorial introduction

Early childhood care and education: worldwide challenges and progresses

Yoon Lee & Matthew Hayden


Early childhood care and education in Zambia: an integral part of educational provision?

Carolyn M. Thomas & Matthew A.M. Thomas

Incorporating indigenous knowledge and practice into ECCE: a comparison of programs in The Gambia, Senegal and Mali

Alicia Ranck Soudée

The Better Early Childhood Development program: an innovative Brazilian public policy

Alessandra Schneider, Vera Regina Ramires, Maria da Graça Gomes Paiva & Leila Almeida

A new look on Early Child Care and Education (ECCE) as joint responsibility

Maria da Graça Gomes Paiva, Alessandra Schneider, Maria Lúcia Salle Machado & Pollyana Vilela Duarte Perinazzo

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Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood

Volume 10 Number 2, July 2009
Editorial 90– 91



Children’s expressions of exhilaration and fear in risky play

Ellen Beate Hansen Sandseter


Mathematics education in the early years: building bridges

Glenda Anthony & Margaret Walshaw


The parent–teacher conference in the Swedish preschool: a study of an ongoing process as a 'pocket of local order'

Ann-Marie Markström

122– 132

Barriers to and facilitators of inclusion for children with disabilities in early childhood education

Kerry Purdue

133– 143

Relationship theory in the nursery: attachment and beyond

Sheila Degotardi & Emma Pearson

144– 155

Shaping conduct and bridling passions: governing practicum supervisors' practice of assessment

Michelle Ortlipp

156 –167

'Crossing the Rubicon': strategic planning or neo-biopower? a critique of the language of New Zealand’s Early Childhood Strategic Plan

Margaret Stuart




The lives of Sesame Street: the impact of foreclosures on young children and families

Danné E. Davis & Minsun Shin


Book reviews


Doing Action Research in Early Childhood Studies: A step by Step Guide (Glenda MacNaughton & Patrick Hughes)

reviewed by Louise Phillips

185– 187

Connecting with Children: Developing Working Relationships (Pam Foley & Stephen Leverett, eds)

reviewed by Melinda G. Miller


This issue is available free online.


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Issues in Educational Research

Volume 19 Number 2, July 2009


Clare McBeath & Roger Atkinson


Reconciling the tensions of new teachers' socialisation into school culture: a review of the research

Lorenzo Cherubini

An instrument for investigating Chinese language learning environments in Singapore secondary schools

Siew Lian Chua, Angela F. L. Wong & Der-Thanq Chen

A critical commentary on combined methods approach to researching educational and social issues

Hope Pius Nudzor

Problem based learning in science

Coral Pepper

Making visible the coding process: using qualitative data software in a post-structural study

Mary Ryan

The challenge of researching violent societies: navigating complexities in ethnography

Icarbord Tshabangu

Do example sentences work in direct vocabulary learning?

Zhang Baicheng

Book review

Write ways: Modelling writing forms

Vicki Parkes

 This issue is available free online.


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Australasian Journal of Educational Technology

Volume 25 Number 3, July 2009


Roger Atkinson & Catherine McLoughlin




A review of podcasting in higher education: its influence on the traditional lecture

Oliver McGarr


Laptop computers and wireless university campus networks: Is flexibility and effectiveness improved?

Miikka J. Eriksson, Hanna Vuojärvi & Heli Ruokamo


Discourses in conflict: the relationship between Gen Y pre-service teachers, digital technologies and lifelong learning

Sharn Donnison


Planning to teach with digital tools: introducing the interactive whiteboard to pre-service secondary mathematics teachers

Kathryn Holmes


Staff and student perceptions of an online learning environment: difference and development

Stuart Palmer & Dale Holt


The effects of using a wiki on student engagement and learning of report writing skills in a university statistics course

David L. Neumann & Michelle Hood


Reconciling university teacher beliefs to create learning designs for LMS environments

Caroline Steel


Do undergraduate paramedic students embrace case based learning using a blended teaching approach? A 3-year review

Brett Williams


Designing an online video based platform for teacher learning in Singapore

Hyo-Jeong So, Hans Lossman, Wei-Ying Lim & Michael J. Jacobson


This issue is available free online.


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