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Tables of contents

Educational Philosophy and Theory

Volume 31 Number 3, June 2009



Obama's 'postmodernism', humanism and history221–232



Introduction to a 'round-table review' of Gavin Kitching's The Trouble with Theory

David Aspin


Kitching's The Trouble with Theory: 'The tree is known by its fruit' (Mt. 12.33)

Jim Mackenzie


Gavin Kitching's The Trouble with Theory: The educational costs of postmodernism

James D. Marshall


Review of G. Kitching The Trouble with Theory

Peter Roberts


The Trouble with Theory: some elucidations

Gavin Kitching


Focus on learning and assessment


Learning: an evolutionary analysis

Joanna Swann


'Being in the World': The event of learning

Marianna Papadopoulou & Roy Birch


Spontaneous action and transformative learning: empirical investigations and pragmatist reflections

Arnd-Michael Nohl


Psychologism and instructional technology

Bekir S. Gur & David A. Wiley


The poverty of constructivism

Derek Louis Meyer


Testing times: questions concerning assessment for school improvement

Nick Peim & Kevin J. Flint


Notes on contributors



Subject Heading

Language, Culture and Curriculum

Volume 22 Number 1, March 2009


John Harris

iii – iv



The influence of cultural bias on motivation to learn English: the case of Khoe primary school students in eastern Botswana

Joel Mokuedi Magogwe

1 – 13

Socio-linguistic factors in second language lexical knowledge: the case of second-generation children of Russian-Jewish immigrants in Israel

Mila Schwartz, Ely Kozminsky & Mark Leikin

15 – 28

Attitudes towards the use of masculine and feminine Japanese among foreign professionals: what can learners learn from professionals?

Hiroko Itakura

29 – 41

Teacher-researchers promoting cultural learning in an intercultural kindergarten in Aotearoa New Zealand

Joy L. Cullen, Penelope Anne (Penny) Haworth, Heather Simmons, Liz Schimanski, Pam McGarva & Eileen Kennedy

43 – 56

Language support for emergent bilinguals in English mainstream schools: an observational study

Yangguang Chen

57 – 70

Book reviews


Biliteracy and globalization: English language education in India

Shereen Bhalla

71 – 73

English in international deaf communication

Jim Fenton

74 – 76


Subject Heading

Journal of Curriculum Studies

Volume 41 Number 4, August 2009



Exploring teachers’ views on learning and teaching in the context of a trans-disciplinary curriculum

Tamar Levin & Yael Nevo

439 – 465

Curriculum strategy framework: investigating patterns in teachers’ use of a reform-based elementary mathematics curriculum

Miriam Gamoran Sherin & Corey Drake

467 – 500

Globalization, values education, and school music education in China

Wing-Wah Law & Wai-Chung Ho

501 – 520

A methodology for integrating computer-based learning tools in science curricula

Nicos Papadouris & Constantinos P. Constantinou

521 – 538

The psychoanalytic view of teaching and learning, 1922–2002

Clifford Mayes

539 – 567


Subject Heading

The Elementary School Journal

Volume 109 Number 4, March 2009

Profiles of educational quality in first grade

Megan W. Stuhlman & Robert C. Pianta


The role of inflectional morphology in Canadian children's word reading and spelling

Che Kan Leong


Learning academic language through science in two linguistically diverse kindergarten classes

Pamela Spycher


Classifying academically at-risk first graders into engagement types: association with long-term achievement trajectories

Wen Luo


The effect of teacher psychological and school organizational and leadership factors on teachers' professional learning in Dutch schools

Femke P. Geijseln, Peter J. C. Sleegers, Reinoud D. Stoeln & Meta L. Krügern



Subject Heading

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