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Tables of contents

Journal of Education Policy

Volume 24 Number 4, July 2009



Education, meritocracy and the global war for talent

Phillip Brown & Stuart Tannock

377 – 392

Between control and resistance: Planning and evaluation texts in the Swedish preschool

Annica Löfdahl & Héctor Pérez Prieto

393 – 408

Resistance and enrolment in the enterprise university: An ethno-drama in three acts, with appended reading

Eva Bendix Petersen

409 – 422

Personalisation: The nostalgic revival of child-centred education?

David Hartley

423 – 434

When policy instruments combine to promote coherence: An analysis of Connecticut’s policies related to teacher quality

Peter Youngs & Courtney Bell

435 – 460

Students ‘at-risk’ policy: competing social and economic discourses

Linda Audrey Joy Mosen-Lowe, Lesley Vidovich & Anne Chapman

461 – 476

Educators’ responses to policy concerns about the gender balance of the teaching profession in Scotland

Lyn Tett & Sheila Riddell

477 – 493

Creating a niche in the education market: the rise of internationalised secondary education in the Netherlands

Don Weenink

495 – 511

Documents and Debates


Documents and Debates

Stephen Ball & Meg Maguire


Case study of implementation amidst corruption linkages: The National Textbook Delivery Program (TDP) of the Philippine Department of Education

Vicente Chua Reyes

515 – 535


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Gifted Child Quarterly

Volume 53 Number 3, June 2009



Parenting gifted and talented children: conceptual and empirical foundations
Alina Morawska & Matthew R. Sanders


Dimensionality and typology of perfectionism: the use of the Frost Multidimensional Perfectionism Scale with Chinese gifted students in Hong Kong
David W. Chan


The impact of advanced curriculum on the achievement of mathematically promising elementary students
M. Katherine Gavin, Tutita M. Casa, Jill L. Adelson, Susan R. Carroll & Linda Jensen Sheffield


Self-regulated learning and instructional factors in the scientific inquiry of scientifically gifted Korean middle school students
Cho-Hee Yoon


Book Review: Hamilton, N. (2007). Biography: A Brief History. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press
Ann Robinson


Effect sizes in gifted education research
Marcia Gentry & Scott J. Peters




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Educational Review

Volume 61 Number 2, May 2009



Critical perspectives on activity theory

Deirdre Martin & Nick Peim

131 – 138



Education policy, distributed leadership and socio-cultural theory

David Hartley

139 – 150

Transformation or transformism: Engeström’s version of activity theory?

James Avis

151 – 165

Activity theory and ontology

Nick Peim

167 – 180

Vygotsky’s Enlightenment precursors

John Hardcastle

181 – 195

Reflections on activity theory

David Bakhurst

197 – 210

A Derridaean reading of the zone of proximal development (ZPD): the monster in the play of différance

Kevin J. Flint

211 – 227

Book reviews

Christopher Rhodes; Paul Warmington; Robyn Carston; Lynn Davies; Pamela Taylor; Miriam E. David; Frank Hardman; Nick Peim; Pamela Taylor; Nicola Rollock; Keith Watson; Nick Peim

229 – 248


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International Review of Education

Volume 55 Number 2, May 2009

Introduction: education for reconciliation and conflict resolution

Birgit Brock-Utne


Why there can be no conflict resolution as long as people are being humiliated

Evelin G. Lindner


Educating against extremism: towards a critical politicisation of young people

Lynn Davies


A gender perspective on peace education and the work for peace

Birgit Brock-Utne


An African perspective on peace education: Ubuntu lessons in reconciliation

Tim Murithi


The complexities of teaching historical conflictual narratives in integrated Palestinian–Jewish schools In Israel

Zvi Bekerman


Policing matters: addressing the controversial issue of policing through education for reconciliation

Mella Cusack


Black Hawk Down: Film Zwischen Reflektion und Konstruktion Gesellschaftlicher Wirklichkeit

Holger Pötzsch


Core competencies: the challenge for graduate peace and conflict studies education

John Windmueller, Ellen Kabcenell Wayne & Johannes (Jannie) Botes


Co-ordinating peace research and education in Australia: a report on the Canberra forum of 2 May 2008

James Page



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