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Reading Research Quarterly

Volume 44 Number 1, January 2009

Trust matters: examining the role of source evaluation in students' construction of meaning within and across multiple texts

Ivar Bråten, Helge I. Strømsø, M. Anne Britt

Sustained acceleration of achievement in reading comprehension: the New Zealand experience

Mei Kuin Lai, Stuart McNaughton, Meaola Amituanai-Toloa, Rolf Turner, Selena Hsiao

Damsels in discourse: girls consuming and producing identity texts through Disney princess play

Karen E. Wohlwend



Subject Heading

Australian Journal of Teacher Education

Volume 34 Number 1, February 2009

Enhancing students’ attitude towards Nigerian senior secondary school physics through the use of cooperative, competitive and individualistic learning strategies

Akinyemi Olufunminiyi Akinbobola

In-service teacher training in Japan and Turkey: a comparative analysis of institutions and practices

Mustafa Bayrakc

The perceptions of secondary teachers and students about the implementation of an inclusive classroom model for students with mild disabilities

John O’Rourke

Why educators should bring an end to pedagogy

R. Scott Webster

The call to critique ‘common sense’ understandings about boys and masculinity(ies)

Leanne Dalley-Trim

Examining the teacher efficacy and achievement goals as predictors of Turkish student teachers’ conceptions about teaching and learning

Altay Eren



Subject Headings

Teaching profession

Journal of Research in Reading

Volume 32 Number 1, February 2009

Please note: the full text of all articles is available for free download.

Special issue: new developments in literacy and technology

Jackie Marsh, Chris Singleton


From blog to bebo and beyond: text, risk, participation

Victoria Carrington


Research into literacy and technology in primary classrooms: an exploration of understandings generated by recent studies

Cathy Burnett


Literacy in virtual worlds

Guy Merchant


Literacy practices in Schome Park: a virtual literacy ethnography

Julia Gillen


'You have to understand words but not read them': young children becoming readers in a digital age

Rachael Levy


A randomised efficacy study of web-based synthetic and analytic programmes among disadvantaged urban kindergarten children

Erin M. Comaskey, Robert S. Savage, Philip Abrami


How technology for comprehension training can support conversation towards the joint construction of meaning

Nicola Yuill, Darren Pearce, Lucinda Kerawalla, Amanda Harris, Rosemary Luckin


The multi-modal redesign of school texts

Christopher S. Walsh


Computerised screening for dyslexia in adults

Chris Singleton, Joanna Horne, Fiona Simmons




Subject Headings

Education research

Asia-Pacific Journal of Teacher Education

Volume 37 Number 1,  2009



Reflecting on the work of preparing teachers

Anne McMaugh, David Saltmarsh, Simone White, Jo-Anne Reid, Ninetta Santoro, Nan Bahr




Legitimacy and identity in teacher education: a micro-political struggle constrained by macro-political pressures

Peter P. Grimmett, Rob Fleming, Lane Trotter


Working within and against neoliberal accreditation agendas: opportunities for professional experience

Di Bloomfield


Frameworks for change: four recurrent themes for quality in early childhood curriculum initiatives

Jennifer Burgess, Alma Fleet


Challenging experiences faced by beginning casual teachers: here one day and gone the next!

Kathy Jenkins, Howard Smith, Tom Maxwell


The complexities of supporting Asian international pre-service teachers as they undertake practicum

Rebecca Spooner-Lane, Donna Tangen, Marilyn Campbell


The motivations of career change students in teacher education

Judy Williams, Helen Forgasz


Emergence and maintenance of student teachers' 'interest' within the context of two-hour lectures: an actual genetic perspective

Tan Bee Tin



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