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Tables of contents

Educational Leadership (ASCD)

Volume 66 Number 6, March 2009

Please note: some articles are available for free download.

Perspectives: the world at our fingertips

Marge Scherer

Orchestrating the media collage

Jason Ohler

Mastering multitasking

Urs Gasser and John Palfrey

Let's talk 2.0

Michele Knobel and Dana Wilber

Becoming network-wise

Will Richardson

The importance of deep reading

Maryanne Wolf and Mirit Barzillai

The best of both literacies

Margaret Weigel and Howard Gardner

Are digital media changing language?

Naomi S Baron

Welcome to our virtual worlds

James Paul Gee and Michael H Levine

Stepping beyond Wikipedia

William Badke

Rethinking online reading assessment

Julie Coiro

Plagiarism in the internet age

Rebecca Moore Howard and Laura J Davies

Special topic: going graphic

James Bucky Carter

The joy of blogging

Anne P Davis and Ewa McGrail

R u safe?

Johanna Mustacchi

What research says about … teaching media literacy

Jane L David

The learning leader: three challenges of Web 2.0

Douglas B Reeves

All about assessment: diagnosing the diagnostic test

W James Popham

The principal connection: teaching two literacies

Joanne Rooney

Special report: video games and civic engagement

Deborah Perkins-Gough


Subject Headings

Technology teaching
Technological literacy
Computers in society

Childhood: A Journal of Global Child Research

Volume 15 Number 4, November 2008

What's in an age name?

Barrie Thorne


Being related: how children define and create kinship

Jennifer Mason and Becky Tipper


Challenging childhoods: young people's accounts of 'getting by' in families with substance use problems

Kathryn Backett-Milburn, Sarah Wilson, Angus Bancroft and Sarah Cunningham-Burley


Conformity and resistance in self-management strategies of 'good girls'

Jackie Sanders and Robyn Munford


Methodological immaturity in childhood research?: thinking through 'participatory methods'

Lesley-Anne Gallacher and Michael Gallagher


Learning or earning in the 'smart state': changing tactics for governing early childhood

Jo Ailwood


Physical restraint in residential childcare: the experiences of young people and residential workers

Laura Steckley and Andrew Kendrick


Book review: Education and Intercultural Narratives in Multicultural Classrooms edited by C Baraldi

Dympna Devine


Book review: Pillars of the Nation: Child Citizens and Ugandan National Development by KE Cheney

Andrew M Guest


Book review: Childhoods in South Asia edited by DK Behera
Sarada Balagopalan



Subject Heading

Educational Studies in Mathematics

Volume 70 Number 1, January 2009


Norma Presmeg


Cognitive styles, dynamic geometry and measurement performance

Demetra Pitta-Pantazi and Constantinos Christou


Embodied design: constructing means for constructing meaning

Dor Abrahamson


Constructing competence: an analysis of student participation in the activity systems of mathematics classrooms

Melissa Gresalfi, Taylor Martin, Victoria Hand and James Greeno


Every unsuccessful problem solver is unsuccessful in his or her own way: affective and cognitive factors in proving

Fulvia Furinghetti and Francesca Morselli



Subject Heading

Computers in NZ Schools

Volume 20 Number 2, July 2008

Editorial: steps to effective use of ICT

Keryn Pratt


Personalising learning for secondary students

Ken Pullar and Colleen Brennan


ICT technical support in Otago secondary schools

David Bremmer


The ergonomic learning environment: deliberately planned or anything goes?

Alison MacArthur Grant


ICT usage in Dunedin primary and secondary schools

Julie Stigter


Will the teacher’s laptop transform learning?

Ann Harlow, Bronwen Cowie, Alister Jones



Subject Heading

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