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Tables of contents

Educational Leadership (ASCD)

Volume 66 Number 3, November 2008

Items marked with * are available free online. 

*Perspectives / Learning: Whose job is it?

Marge Scherer

Students at Bat

Thomas R Guskey and Eric M Anderman

*Footprints in the digital age

Will Richardson

Amplifying student voice

Dana L Mitra

The goals of differentiation

Carol Ann Tomlinson

Releasing responsibility

Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey

*Springing into active learning

Allison Zmuda

Solving behavior problems together

Caltha Crowe

*What students want from teachers

*More student responses: What students want from teachers (online only)

Formative assessment that empowers

Susan Brookhart, Connie Moss and Beverly Long

Learning in depth

Kieran Egan

Working with tech-savvy kids

Sylvia Martinez and Dennis Harper

Dude, what choice do I have? Two teachers reflect on the benefits and pitfalls of giving students options

Michael J Vokoun and Terry Patrick Bigelow

*The power of audience

Steven Levy

*All about assessment / The assessment-savvy student

W James Popham

*The principal connection / Taking hold of learning

Joanne Rooney

*The learning leader / Leadership for student empowerment

Douglas B Reeves

*What research says about … / Balancing the concrete and the abstract

Tracy Huebner

*Special report / Unprepared for college

Deborah Perkins-Gough


Subject Headings


Educational Studies in Mathematics

Volume 69 Number 3, November 2008


Tommy Dreyfus


Abstraction and consolidation of the limit procept by means of instrumented schemes: The complementary role of three different frameworks

Ivy Kidron


Students’ images and their understanding of definitions of the limit of a sequence

Kyeong Hah Roh


Deductive reasoning: In the eye of the beholder

Michal Ayalon and Ruhama Even


Signifying 'students', 'teachers' and 'mathematics': A reading of a special issue

Tony Brown


On semiotics and subjectivity: A response to Tony Brown’s 'signifying "students", "teachers", and "mathematics": a reading of a special issue'

Norma Presmeg and Luis Radford


Review of the proceedings of the 2001, 2003 and 2005 French summer schools in Didactics of Mathematics

Rudolf Straesser


Brian Griffiths (1927–2008) – His pioneering contributions to mathematics and education

Keith Jones and Joanna Mamona-Downs


Key Learning Areas


Subject Headings

Education research
Mathematics teaching


Volume 42 Number 3, November 2008

Challenging traditional representations of texts and learning

Kathy Hall


Playing and resisting: Rethinking young people's reading cultures

Alex Kendall


Metaphors, discourse and identity in adult literacy policy

Nina Taylor


Txt msg n school literacy: Does texting and knowledge of text abbreviations adversely affect children's literacy attainment?

Beverly Plester, Clare Wood, Victoria Bell


Graphonomics, automaticity and handwriting assessment

Oliver Tucha, Lara Tucha, Klaus W Lange


'It's all coming together': An encounter between implied reader and actual reader in the Australian rainforest

Sandra J Williams


Kindergarten reading and writing curricula in the European Union

Eufimia Tafa


Book review: Reading Photographs to Write with Meaning and Purpose Grades 4–12, by L Van Horn

Eve Bearne


Book review: Essentials of Literacy 0–7, by Tina Bruce and Jenny Spratt

Tony Martin


Key Learning Areas


Subject Headings

English language teaching

Reading Research Quarterly

Volume 43 Number 4, October 2008

A longitudinal study of the development of reading prosody as a dimension of oral reading fluency in early elementary school children

Justin Miller, Paula J Schwanenflugel

'The Blues Playingest Dog You Ever Heard Of': (Re)positioning literacy through African American blues rhetoric

Carmen Kynard

Emergent biliteracy in young Mexican immigrant children

Iliana Reyes, Patricia Azuara

Collaborative reasoning in China and Korea

Ting Dong, Richard C Anderson, Il-Hee Kim, Yuan Li

Available free for download: IRA Outstanding Dissertation Award for 2008. Kindergarten as Nexus of Practice: A mediated discourse analysis of reading, writing, play and design in an early literacy apprenticeship

Karen E Wohlwend

Key Learning Areas


Subject Headings

English language teaching

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