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Tables of contents

Australian Journal of Education

Volume 52 Number 2, August 2008



Developing indicators for a new ERA: should we measure the policy impact of education research?

Louise Watson


‘Unhelpfully complex and exceedingly opaque’: Australia’s school funding system

Andrew Dowling


Unfinished but not yet exhausted: a review of Australian Middle Schooling

Brenton Prosser


Changing places: resilience in children who move

Christine McLeod, Sandra Heriot and Caroline Hunt


Educational achievement in Maori: the roles of cultural identity and social disadvantage

Dannette Marie, David M Fergusson and Joseph M Boden


A ‘formidable challenge’: Australia’s quest for equity in Indigenous education

Jan Gray and Quentin Beresford


Update: Western Australia’s ‘English’ course of study

David Wood



Subject Headings


Australian Journal of Educational and Developmental Psychology

Volume 8,  2008

New Zealand and Queensland teachers’ conceptions of learning: transforming more than reproducing

Brown, G, Lake, R & Matters, G


Self-rated estimates of multiple intelligences based on approaches to learning

Bowles, T


Attachment disorder, basic trust and educational psychology

King, M & Newnham, K


A psychometric evaluation of the parent self-efficacy in managing the transition to school scale

Giallo, R, Kienhuis, M, Treyvaud, K & Matthews, J


'You are getting too old, find a man and marry': social aspects of motivation to choose teacher education

Beltman, S & Wosnitza, M


Adolescent students' beliefs about aggression and the association between beliefs and reported level of aggression: a study of senior high school students in Ghana

Owusu-Banahene, N & Amedahe, F


Can children with AD/HD learn relaxation and breathing techniques through biofeedback video games?

Amon, K & Campbell, A



Subject Heading

Cognition and Instruction

Volume 26 Number 4,  2008

Note from the Editor

Andrea A diSessa


Mathematical knowledge for teaching and the mathematical quality of instruction: an exploratory study

Heather C Hill, Merrie L Blunk, Charalambos Y Charalambous, Jennifer M Lewis, Geoffrey C Phelps, Laurie Sleep, Deborah Loewenberg Ball


What needs to develop in the development of inquiry skills?

Deanna Kuhn, Maria Pease


A 'theory bite' on the meaning of scientific inquiry: a companion to Kuhn and Pease

Andrea A diSessa



Subject Headings

Psychology of learning

International Journal of Education and Development Using ICT

Volume 4 Number 2, 1 October 2008

Please note: the full text of all articles is available online.

Editorial: ICT in education and in promoting health

Stewart Marshall and Wal Taylor

The current state of e-learning at universities in Zimbabwe: opportunities and challenges

Lockias Chitanana, Daga Makaza and Kudakwashe Madzima

An e-readiness assessment of Nigeria’s premier university (Part 1)

Wole Michael Olatokun and Adeola Omobola Opesade

Catch me I’m falling. Using technology to assist educationally disadvantaged students: a case study on the western region of Melbourne, Australia

Helen Madden-Hallett and Henry Ho

Jordanian physics students' utilization of online instruction and their attitudes towards it

Akram MA Al-Omari

An assessment of the effectiveness of radio theatre in promoting good healthy living among rural communities in Osun State, Nigeria

Olaniyi Alaba Sofowora

Information and communication technologies (ICTs) to develop teachers’ global awareness

Shiang-Kwei Wang, Sarah McPherson, Hui-YIn Hsu and Mengping Tsuei

Learning to research in second life: 3D MUVEs as meta-research fields

Suely Fragoso, Gustavo Fischer, Ana Lucia Migowski da Silva, Henrique Freitas, Guilherme Land, Guilherme Loesch, Lucas Trindade, Pauline Mariani and Yentl Delanhesi

Malaysian smart schools: a fruitful case study for analysis to synopsize lessons applicable to the Egyptian context

Hanan S EL-Halawany and Enas I Huwail

Enhancing healthcare delivery through ICTs: a case study of the Ugandan immunisation system

Agnes Semwanga Rwashana and Ddembe Willeese Williams

Prioritizing urban service management initiatives

Praful C Gharpure

Challenges regarding risks and risk management: a review of 'Risk, Complexity and ICT'

Anna-May Edwards-Henry

Review of 'The Power of Greed: Collective Action in International Development'

Ed Brandon


Subject Headings

Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

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