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Journal of Literacy and Technology

Volume 8 Number 3, December 2007

Digital soap boxes: Understanding the growing presence of advocacy and commercial sites on the Web

Dr Randall McClure

Just another trendy theory?: Finding space in the curriculum for teaching visual literacy

Dr Jenny McDougall

Adding societal impact and reflection to information technology fluency classes

Dr Evan Golub

Book review: Schiller, Dan. How to Think about Information

Rachel Z Fisher, MA


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Volume 23 Number 3, March 2008
To engage or consult? That is the question
A slice of the pie: How Emerald Library engaged local youth
Community engagement – beyond tokenism
Engaging with the community within: An academic library perspective
Reconnecting through Art
On the edge at the State Library of Queensland
Engaging at UQ's Boilerhouse
E-learning and 23 things – the East Gippsland way
Cultural connections in Brisbane libraries
Youth engagement – verbYL Youth Lounge/Youth Library
Community partnership on the Gold Coast

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Library resources

Childhood: A Journal of Global Child Research

Volume 15 Number 1, February 2008

Editorial: The ethics of children's rights

Olga Nieuwenhuys


Palestinian children crafting national identity

Janette Habashi


For their own good: Recruiting children for research

Alan Campbell


Is participation prevention?: A blurring of discourses in children's preventative initiatives in the UK

Ruth Evans and Neil Spicer


'Children need their parents more than a pizza in the fridge!': Parental responsibility in a Finnish newspaper

Marja Leena Böök and Satu Perälä-Littunen


Researching pupil well-being in UK secondary schools: Community psychology and the politics of research

Paul Duckett, Judith Sixsmith and Carolyn Kagan


Household poverty and deprivation among children: How strong are the links?

Anne Skevik Grødem


Bullying during the intermediate school phase: A South African study

PGreeff and AA Grobler



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Gifted Child Quarterly

Volume 52 Number 1, Winter 2008

Twice-exceptional students' use of metacognitive skills on a comprehension monitoring task

C Lynne Hannah and Bruce M Shore


Identifying young gifted children using the gifted rating scales – Preschool/ kindergarten form

Steven I Pfeiffer and Yaacov Petscher


Relationships among private speech and creativity in head start and low-socioeconomic status preschool children

Martha Daugherty and C Stephen White


Giftedness of Chinese students in Hong Kong: Perspectives from different conceptions of intelligences

David W Chan


A national picture of talent search and talent search educational programs

Seon-Young Lee, Michael S Matthews and Paula Olszewski-Kubilius


Psychometric characteristics of the Harter self-perception profiles for adolescents and children for use with gifted populations

Kathleen Moritz Rudasill and Carolyn M Callahan


Reviving Perry: An analysis of epistemological change by gender and ethnicity among gifted high school students

Jerald A Thomas


Book review: Jensen, AR (2006): Clocking the Mind: Mental Chronometry and Individual Differences

Jonathan Wai


Book review: Piechowski, M (2006). 'Mellow Out', They Say. If I Only Could. Intensities and Sensitivities of the Young and Bright

Joanne Russillo Funk



Subject Headings

Gifted children
Gifted and talented (GAT) children

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