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Tables of contents

History of Education Review

Volume 36 Number 1,  2007

The spinster teacher in Australia from the 1870s to the 1960s

Kay Whitehead

Mechanical contrivances and fancy needlework: The Brisbane Exhibition and education in colonial Queensland

Joanne Scott

‘Solving an empire problem’: the Salvation Army and British juvenile migration to Australia

Esther Daniel

Tracing the origin of Rudolph Steiner’s pedagogy of imagination

Thomas Neilsen, Julia Smith

Student activists at Sydney university 1960-1967: a problem of interpretation

Alan Barcan

Key Learning Areas

Studies of Society and Environment

Subject Headings


Educational Philosophy and Theory

Volume 39 Number 3, June 2007

Special issue: philosophy of early childhood education



Michael A Peters


Meetings across the paradigmatic divide

Peter Moss


The gift paradigm in early childhood education

Genevieve Vaughan, Eila Estola


Conceptions of the self in early childhood: territorializing identities

Liselott Borgnon


Deconstructing and transgressing the theory -practice dichotomy in early childhood education

Hillevi Lenz Taguchi


In early childhood: what's language about?

Liane Mozère


The politics of processes and products in education: an early childhood metanarrative crisis?

Andrew Gibbons


(Re)positioning the child in the policy/politics of early childhood

Christine Woodrow, Frances Press


Theories of Rights - edited by C L Ten

John Ozolins



Subject Headings

Education philosophy

Reading Research Quarterly

Volume 42 Number 3, July 2007

Theoretically framed: argument and desire in the production of general knowledge about literacy

Mark Dressman

South African schools that promote literacy learning with students from low-income communities

Misty Sailors, James V Hoffman, Bertus Matthee

Sedimented identities in texts: instances of practice

Jennifer Rowsell, Kate Pahl

New directions in research: multiple dimensions of achievement: defining, identifying, and addressing 'The Gap'

New directions in research: turning reading research into policy

Bob Wise

New directions in research: closing the gap through professional development: implications for reading research

Michael Brandon Doubek, Eric J Cooper

New directions in research: enhancing adolescent literacy achievement through integration of technology in the classroom

Betty J Sternberg, Karen A Kaplan, Jennifer E Borck

New directions in research: 'where am I?' - a call for 'connectedness' in literacy

Phil Hunsberger

New directions in research: recommendations for research to improve reading achievement for African American students

Lamont A Flowers

International reports on literacy research second-language issues and multiculturalism

Essay book review: diverse perspectives on helping young children build important foundational language and print skills

Irene W Gaskins, Linda D Labbo

Key Learning Areas


Subject Headings

English language teaching

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