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Tables of contents

Studies in Science Education

Volume 43,  2007

Creativity in science education: perspectives and challenges for developing school science

Per Morten Kind, Vanessa Kind

A conceptual overview of the role of beauty and aesthetics in science education

Mark Girod

What role for the humanities in science education research? 

J Myron Atkin

Location, location, location: positioning biotechnology educating for the 21st century 

Bev France

Book reviews


Key Learning Areas


Subject Headings


Journal of School Health

Volume 77 Number 6, August 2007

Implementation of CDC’s School Health Index in three midwest middle schools: motivation for change

Catherine M Sherwood-Puzzello, Michelle Miller, David Lohrmann, Patricia Gregory


Staff- and school-level predictors of school organizational health: a multilevel analysis

Katherine Bevans, Catherine Bradshaw, Richard Miech, Philip Leaf


Rates of student-reported antisocial behavior, school suspensions, and arrests in Victoria, Australia and Washington State, United States

Sheryl A Hemphill, Barbara J McMorris, John W Toumbourou, Todd I Herrenkohl, Richard F Catalano, Megan Mathers


Study of health outcomes in school children: key challenges and lessons learned from the Framingham Schools’ Natural History of Nevi Study

Alan C Geller, Susan A Oliveria, Marilyn Bishop, Marcia Buckminster, Katie R Brooks, Allan C Halpern


Use of the transtheoretical model to predict stages of smoking cessation in Korean adolescents

Ok Kyung Ham, Young Ja Lee


Successful adoption of a school-based telemedicine system

Michael Mackert, Pamela Whitten


Evaluation of school-based smoking prevention programs

Laura Nabors, Emily A Lobst, Meghan E McGrady



Subject Headings

Health education

International Journal of Leadership in Education

Volume 11,  2007

Thematic differences in mission statements between four-year public institutions and two-year colleges in Texas

Jinhao Wang, Angela M Gibson, Lelia Salinas, Fred Solis, John R Slate

(Im)moral praxis: Configuring theory and practice of students at risk

Brenda J McMahon

A tri-state study: Administrator attitudes toward online teacher preparation programs: are principals logging on – or logging off?

John A Huss

Exploring principals’ perceptions of applications, benefits, and barriers of Alberta's SuperNet

Terry Anderson, Jo-An Christiansen

Social constructivist e-learning: a case study

Michael Barbour, Peter Rich

A personal services paradigm of teacher induction

Lorenzo Cherubini

Factors affecting the graduation rates of university students from under-represented populations

Linda M Creighton

The Swedish principal: Leadership style, decision-making style, and motivation profile

Per H Hansson, Jon Aarum Andersen


Subject Headings

School principals
School leadership

Comparative Education

Volume 43 Number 2,  2007

Revealing the hidden: qualitative and culturally informed comparative research in education

Michael Crossley


The use of ideal types in comparative education: a personal reflection

Ruth Hayhoe


Researching trends in initial teacher education policy and practice in an era of globalization and devolution: a rationale and a methodology for an Anglo-Scottish 'home international' study

Estelle Brisard, Ian Menter, Ian Smith


'The school, whose place is this'? The deep structures of the hidden curriculum in indigenous education in Bolivia

Pablo Regalsky, Nina Laurie


What can ethnographic studies tell us about the consequences of literacy?

Brian Maddox


Beyond the polarization of pedagogy: models of classroom practice in Tanzanian primary schools

Angeline M Barrett


Diffusion of the National Qualifications Framework and outcomes-based education in southern and eastern Africa

Linda Chisholm


Book reviews

Peter Jarvis, Meri L Clark, Keith Watson



Subject Headings

Education policy
Education and state
Education aims and objectives

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