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Tables of contents

Environmental Education Research

Volume 13 Number 1,  2007

Conflicts of interest: an indispensable element of education for sustainable development

Iann Lundegård; Per-Olof Wickman


Environmental comprehension and participation of Malaysian secondary school students

Aini Mat Said, Nurizan Yahaya, Fakhru'l-Razi Ahmadun


Student teachers' learning about subject matter and pedagogy in education for sustainable development

Graham Corney, Alan Reid


Judeo-Christian theology and the environment: moving beyond scepticism to new sources for environmental education in the United States

Gregory E Hitzhusen


Children's perceptions and learning about tropical rainforests: an analysis of their drawings

Rob Bowker


Careers in the environment in Australia: surveying environmental jobs

Ian Thomas, Ruth Lane, Leonardo Ribbon-Tobon, Charley May


Book reviews

Alan Morgan, John Foster



Subject Headings

Environmental Education

Educational Administration Quarterly

Volume 42 Number 5, December 2006

Assessing school achievement progress: comparing alternative approaches

Ronald H Heck


Leadership for social justice and equity: evaluating a transformative framework and andragogy

Kathleen M Brown


The impact of participative and directive leadership on teachers' performance: the intervening effects of job structuring, decision domain, and leader–member exchange

Anit Somech, Maayan Wenderow


Academic discourses on school-based teacher collaboration: revisting the arguments

José Manuel Lavié


Which journals are educational leadership professors choosing?

C Russell Mayo, Perry A Zirkel, Brian A Finger



Subject Headings

School leadership
School administration
Educational administration

Journal of Education Policy

Volume 22 Number 1, January 2007

Special Issue: School choice – a European perspective


School choice: a European perspective

Tim Butler, Agnes van Zanten


The best, the worst and the average: secondary school choice and education performance in East London

Tim Butler, Chris Hamnett, Mark Ramsden, Richard Webber


Making the right move: how families are using transfers to adapt to socio-spatial differentiation of schools in the greater Paris region

Franck Poupeau, Jean-Christophe François, Elodie Couratier


Middle class education strategies and residential segregation in Athens

Thomas Maloutas


School catchment area evasion: the case of Berlin, Germany

Kathleen Noreisch


Urban education, the middle classes and their dilemmas of school choice

Angela Oría, Alejandra Cardini, Stephen Ball, Eleni Stamou, Magda Kolokitha, Sean Vertigan, Claudia Flores-Moreno


Choosing the local school: middle class parents' values and social and ethnic mix in London and Paris

Maroussia Raveaud, Agnes van Zanten


Book review

Linda Milbourne



Subject Headings

Education aims and objectives
Education policy

Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education

Volume 12 Number 1, Winter 2007

Mental health in deaf adults: symptoms of anxiety and depression among hearing and deaf individuals 

Marit H Kvam, Mitchell Loeb, Kristian Tambs


Focus-on-form instructional methods promote deaf college students' improvement in English grammar 

Gerald P Berent, Ronald R Kelly, Stephen Aldersley, Kathryn L Schmitz, Baldev Kaur Khalsa, John Panara, Susan Keenan


Deaf college students' mathematical skills relative to morphological knowledge, reading level and language proficiency 

Ronald R Kelly, Martha G Gaustad


Conversational skills in a semistructured interview and self-concept in deaf students 

Nuria Silvestre, Anna Ramspott, Irenka D Pareto


Mother's stress and expectations as a function of time since child's cochelear implantation 

Amatzia Weisel, Tova Most, Rinat Michael


A study of technical signs in Science: implications for lexical database development 

Harry G Lang, Mary LaPorta Hupper, Denise A Monte, Scott W Brown, Ivar Babb, Pete M Scheifele


Deaf people communicating via SMS, TTY, relay service, fax and computers in Australia 

Mary R Power, Des Power, Louise Horstmanshof


Perceptions of Maori deaf identity in New Zealand 

Kirsten Smiler, Rachel Locker McKee


Endnotes: Profound bilaterial sensorineutral hearing loss in Nigerian children by A D Dunmade, S Segun-Busari, T G Olajide, FE Ologe112 
Book reviews 119 

Subject Headings

Deaf - education

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