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Tables of contents

International Research in Geographical and Environmental Education

Volume 15 Number 1,  2006

A content comparison of six physical geography textbooks spanning a century

Stephen A Jennings


A multi-country examination of the relationship between environmental knowledge and attitudes

Lisa M DeChano


To what extent can children’s geography books help a primary school teacher explain cause and purpose?

Lynn D Newton, Douglas P Newton


Conceptual change in physical geography and environmental sciences through mental model building: the example of groundwater

Sibylle Reinford


Perception of environmental problems among preschool children in Poland

Malgorzata Grodziñska-Jurczak, Anna Stêpska, Katarzyna Nieszporek, Grzegorz Bryda


A single transferable geography? Teaching geography in a contested landscape

Linda M Clarke


Book reviews

Thinking through Geography and More Thinking Through Geography



Subject Headings

Environmental Education

Educational Leadership (ASCD)

Volume 64 Number 1, 27 September 2006

Feature Articles


Teaching to student strengths


Celebrate Strengths, Nurture Affinities: A Conversation with Mel Levine p 8

Marge Scherer


Teaching Beyond the Book p 16 Carol Ann Tomlinson and Jane Jarvis


Orchestrating Multiple Intelligences  p 22 Seana Moran, Mindy Kornhaber and Howard Gardner


Recognizing Neglected Strengths p 30 Robert J. Sternberg


The Power of Positive Identity  p 36 Emma Violand-Sánchez and Julia Hainer-Violand


Challenging Deficit Thinking p 42 Lois Weiner


Relationships Matter  p 46 Deborah Stipek


The Way We Learn  p 50 Renate Nummela Caine and Geoffrey Caine


With Boys in Mind


Teaching to the Minds of Boys  p 56 Kelley King and Michael Gurian


Media and Literacy: What's Good?  p 62 Thomas Newkirk


My Literary Lunches with Boys p 67 Jennifer Allen


Bridges to Literacy for Boys  p 71 William G Brozo


Special topics

The Socially Intelligent Leader p 76 Daniel Goleman


Leading in the Worst of Times p 82 Cynthia B Elliott and Denny Taylor



Perspectives: discovering strengths p 7 Margaret Scherer


All About Accountability: Content Standards - The Unindicted Co-conspirator p 87

W James Popham


Leading to Change: Pull the Weeds Before You Plant the Flowers p 89

Douglas Reeves


The Principal Connection: Unleashing the Energy  p 91 Joanne Rooney


Special Report / Do We Really Have a “Boy Crisis”? p 93 Deborah Perkins-Gough


Online only -

EL Study Guide / Teaching to Student Strengths


Naomi Thiers


Subject Heading

Journal of Educational Administration

Volume 44 Number 5,  2006

Board governance of independent schools: A framework for investigation

John McCormick, Kerry Barnett, Seyyed Babak Alavi, Geoffrey Newcombe


Modeling site-based decision making: School practices in the age of accountability

Scott C Bauer, Ira E Bogotch


Parents' school satisfaction: ethnic similarities and differences

Barry A Friedman, Paula E Bobrowski, John Geraci


Reflective, ethical, and moral constructs in educational leadership preparation: effects on graduates' practices

Daisy Arredondo Rucinski, Patricia A Bauch


’New’ educational injustices in the ‘new’ South Africa: a call for justice in the form of vertical equity

Kathleen Brown


Book reviews




Ross Thomas


Subject Headings

School administration
School leadership

School Effectiveness and School Improvement

Volume 17 Number 3, September 2006

Evaluating the effectiveness of specialist schools in England

Rosalind Levaèiæ, Andrew Jenkins


Underperformance in primary schools

WJCM van de Grift, AAM Houtveen


Class composition influences on pupils' cognitive development

Thea Peetsma, Ineke van der Veen, Pjotr Koopman, Erik van Schooten


School effects and subject choice: The uptake of scientific subjects in Ireland

Emer Smyth, Carmel Hannan


Assessing value-added in the first year of schooling: Some results and methodological considerations

Stephen Sharp


Critical analysis of the current approaches to modelling educational effectiveness: The importance of establishing a dynamic model

BPM Creemers, L Kyriakides


Effects of comprehensive school reform on student achievement and school change: A longitudinal multi-site study

Allan Sterbinsky, Steven M Ross, Doris Redfield



Subject Headings


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