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High Possibility Classrooms: a new model of technology integration for schools

Jane Hunter
Centre for Educational Research: University of Western Sydney. Email: j.hunter@uws.edu.au

A recent study has examined how exemplary primary, middle and high school teachers in NSW public schools integrated technology into their teaching. All teachers consciously applied their knowledge of various education theories when integrating technology into their practices. They recognised that technology gave students many more opportunities to be inventive, and it allowed expression of creativity in the classroom. Technology provided new ways for students to display learning to an audience beyond the teacher. Teachers used technology to facilitate students' imagination and to allow students to share their work with peers. The teachers believed that technology gave students ways to understand the world beyond school, as well as giving them a real voice, a sense of ownership over their work and a sense of what they need to be able to do outside of school. Each teacher also had a sense of the interplay between technology, elements of their personal lives and their sense of professional identity.


Subject Headings

New South Wales (NSW)
Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
Teaching and learning