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Improving teacher induction in Australian schools


Induction helps to address the distinctive problems encountered by beginning teachers. New teachers face the challenges of establishing their own professional identity, adjusting to full-time teaching, managing classrooms and negotiating relationships with colleagues. They have to adjust to their physical teaching environment and navigate the norms and rituals of the staffroom culture. In any organisation it is difficult to smoothly and effectively bring new employees in, but new teachers are also required to assume the full pedagogical and legal responsibility of their role – from day one, unlike the graduates of other professions. The importance of teacher induction is widely accepted in the education sector, and is supported by a strong evidence base. Yet concerns persist about the effectiveness of existing induction processes. A new report helps to address these concerns. Building the Right Foundation: Improving Teacher Induction in Australian Schools provides an analysis of key research into the induction of new teachers. The report was prepared by the Hay Group for the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership. The current article is based on extracts from the report.


Subject Headings

Teacher induction
Teaching profession
Beginning teachers
Educational planning
Education policy