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Applying social media in schools

Bridget McGuinness
Teacher, Sunbury College

This week Curriculum Leadership continues its coverage of social media in schools in an article that describes how these resources are being applied at a Victorian secondary college. The article argues that social media in the classroom can be used to cater to students' diverse needs, and also to introduce students to the labour market they will encounter in their future lives. Social media can improve communications between staff and parents, and create online spaces for use by particular sections of the school community. Teachers can also use the social media in many ways for their own professional development. Within a school's online space students can be shielded from unwanted aspects of the social media, but it is also important that both students and staff know how to operate safely on their own in the wider web environment.


Subject Headings

Information literacy
Information management
Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
Electronic publishing
Professional development
Teaching and learning
Teaching profession
School and community