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Competencies that underpin children's transition into early literacy

Ian Hay, Ruth Fielding-Barnsley
Professor Ian Hay is Dean, Faculty of Education, University of Tasmania. Dr Ruth Fielding-Barnsley is a Senior Lecturer at the Queensland University of Technology in the area of Special Needs education

There are a number of interacting influences on children's transition into literacy. Evidence identifies children's oral language competencies as a key factor among these influences, which also include children's grasp of the concept of print, their expressive vocabulary, their sentence and story recall skills, and their receptive and expressive language, phonological awareness and letter-naming skills. Two studies have recently explored the nature of the competencies that underpin young children's transition into early literacy. This article reports on the studies, and examines the relationships between children's language development, their alphabetical knowledge as an indicator of initial reading, their in-class behaviour, and their SES.


Subject Headings

Primary education
English language teaching
Early childhood education
Transitions in schooling