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Growing school leaders

James Thompson, Neil MacNeill, George Manthey
Ten principals in Western Australia and in the USA respond to a questionnaire about their experiences and their roles as part of a project to smooth leadership transition in schools.

Subject Headings

Western Australia (WA)
United States of America (USA)
School principals
School leadership

Wild erratic fancy?

Jillian Dellit
The next steps in educational improvement through ICT are not bureaucratic but entrepreneurial. It is a future in which flexible, skilled teachers and small groups of service providers will have an advantage, and the opportunity to operate in creative ways. Those who can identify a need and design programs and services for one child, or a group of children, not necessarily geographically linked, will be in demand. Schooling systems might use their capacity to advantage, but they may also prove too rigid to adapt quickly enough. The advantage might yet go to the small, even to the individual, and will undoubtedly create new models and new services.

Subject Headings

Computers in society
Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
Educational planning