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Top of the Class

Special report 
This week Curriculum Leadership publishes a summary of Top of the Class: Report on the Inquiry into Teacher Education, produced by the House of Representatives’ Standing Committee on Education and Vocational Training. The report covers issues surrounding the effectiveness of current teacher education; directions for future research; teacher supply and demand, and the allocation of places in teacher education; entry into pre-service teacher courses; practicum and school–university partnerships; and funding of teacher education and induction of new teachers. It also covers the issue of teachers' ongoing professional learning and its potential links to levels of registration and pay. View Article...

Overcoming disadvantage in the middle years

Rosalyn Black
Nine Victorian schools in socioeconomically disadvantaged communities have tackled student engagement in the middle years by implementing reforms based on student-centred learning – AARE Conference Papers. View Abstract...

The failure of constructivist, discovery, problem-based, experiential and inquiry-based learning

Paul A Kirschner, John Sweller, Richard E Clark
As minimally-guided, constructivist pedagogies ignore what is now known about memory and learning, it is no surprise that the research evidence shows them to be ineffective for all but the most capable learners – Educational Psychologist. View Abstract...

Creating powerful teacher education opportunities in science

Susan Rodrigues
An article on professional development initiatives for primary and secondary teachers in Scotland identifies key factors in successful PD programs – 2006 ACER Conference.View Abstract...

What's wrong with school improvement?

John West-Burnham
By focusing on improving schools, reformers and policy-makers implicitly reinforce the status quo, and overlook possibilities for real improvements to education that move beyond current models of schooling – set: Research Information for Teachers.View Abstract...