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Our National Flag...since 1901


  • History / Year 5 / Historical Knowledge and Understanding / The Australian Colonies The impact of a significant development or event on a colony; for example, frontier conflict, the gold rushes, the Eureka Stockade, internal exploration, the advent of rail, the expansion of farming, drought. ACHHK095
  • History / Year 5 / Historical Skills / Chronology, terms and concepts Sequence historical people and events. ACHHS098
  • History / Year 5 / Historical Skills / Historical questions and research Identify and locate a range of relevant sources. ACHHS101
  • History / Year 5 / Historical Skills / Analysis and use of sources Locate information related to inquiry questions in a range of sources. ACHHS102
  • History / Year 6 / Historical Knowledge and Understanding / Australia as a Nation Experiences of Australian democracy and citizenship, including the status and rights of Aboriginal people and/or Torres Strait Islanders, migrants, women, and children. ACHHK114


  • English / Year 5 / Literacy / Texts in context Show how ideas and points of view in texts are conveyed through the use of vocabulary, including idiomatic expressions, objective and subjective language, and that these can change according to context. ACELY1698
  • English / Year 5 / Literacy / Interpreting, analysing, evaluating Use comprehension strategies to analyse information, integrating and linking ideas from a variety of print and digital sources. ACELY1703
  • English / Year 6 / Language / Language for interaction Understand the uses of objective and subjective language and bias. ACELA1517
  • English / Year 6 / Literacy / Interacting with others Participate in and contribute to discussions, clarifying and interrogating ideas, developing and supporting arguments, sharing and evaluating information, experiences and opinions. ACELY1709
  • English / Year 6 / Literacy / Interpreting, analysing, evaluating Use comprehension strategies to interpret and analyse information and ideas, comparing content from a variety of textual sources including media and digital texts. ACELY1713

General capabilities

  • Personal and social capability Intercultural understanding
  • Critical and creative thinking
  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Ethical behaviour

Cross-curriculum priorities

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures

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