Nuclear Energy and Active Citizenship: Learning Outcomes Secondary

Statements of Learning for Civics and Citizenship – Year 7

Government and law

Students explore the principles underpinning democracy and civil society in Australia, the purpose of the Australian Constitution and the roles of each level of government.

They have the opportunity to:

  • identify how governments make decisions and explore ways in which these decisions impact on people

Students understand that the law exists to protect rights and freedoms in a democracy.

They have the opportunity to:

  • reflect on ways in which changing values can influence the law

Citizenship in a democracy

Students explore the civic values and rights and responsibilities of citizens in a democratic society.

They have the opportunity to:

  • define and exercise rights and responsibilities associated with being a citizen in Australia
  • investigate ways in which non-government organisations can contribute to communities and influence government decisions
  • develop skills to become involved in or influence representative groups in the school or community.

Students examine the ways in which Australians are connected to other people around the world and explore the responsibilities of global citizenship.

They have the opportunity to:

  • analyse the roles and responsibilities of companies, producers and consumers in relation to sustainability
  • participate in a campaign to raise awareness about a significant issue.