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Topic 1: Federal representation

Student handout 1: Federal Parliament at a glance

Focus questions

What are the names of the Houses of our Federal Parliament?
When were they formed?
What do they do?
How many Members of Parliament are in each House?
How do citizens vote for them?
What are their symbols?

In this activity you will use the information on Parliament @ Work to find out some basic information about our Federal Parliament.

From the home page of Parliament @ Work choose 'Search' and then select 'Parliaments at a Glance'. Choose 'Commonwealth' and use the information to complete the following table.

  Federal Parliament
1. When was this Parliament formed?

2. Name the Houses of Parliament.

3. What are the functions and roles of this Parliament?

4. What is the name of the head of government?

5. How many Members are there in each House of Parliament?

6. How often are elections held?

7. What system or systems of voting are used to elect representatives?

8. Who votes in elections?

9. What are three symbols of this Parliament?


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