National Days: Report the findings

For the final part of this unit, you will be asked to report your findings and thoughts about the commemoration of national days in Australia, and come up with recommendations which could make them more meaningful for more Australians.

We will assume that people organising and taking part in these days, in all sorts of ways, have good intentions. Sometimes though, things do not go as planned and there are negative consequences. People with strong feeling about the day can be upset or disappointed. From time to time they suggest that things could be better if a few changes were made. Other people can be equally upset at this suggestion, because they like the day just as it is at present. It can be a very tricky area. These issues are what your recommendations will tackle, so that all Australians will hopefully get the very best out of their special days.

To do this, you will need to do some more thinking and organising of your ideas.

Activity 1A) Preparing your report

Tidy all of your recording and analysis sheets. Pin them up in the display area, and if you can, add a photograph printed from one of the web sites, a magazine or newspaper article or from your own family experiences. Consider your research results, including your very first thoughts and the Consensogram results, and jot down some quick notes on a PMI chart.

Activity 1B) Report the findings

Use the notes on your PMI chart to give a brief (5-10 minute) report on either national days in general, or one day  you found particularly interesting, to the class.


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